Here's Why Losing Your Expensive Shades Is NBD

There's no workaround — losing or breaking your sunglasses sucks, especially if they are a designer pair for which you shelled out $300. If your sunnies have the habit of going MIA, you need to check out Ellison Eyewear, a lifetime sunglasses membership service. Lose your Ellisons? NBD. Really.

The brand pretty much rewards customers who misplace or ruin their shades. If you somehow become separated from your Ellison sunnies, the brand will allow you to purchase a new pair from its current collection at exclusive membership pricing, which is half off full retail, as part of the deal. The only thing you have to do is provide the details and the story behind losing or breaking your prior pair. Cool, right?

There's pretty much no such thing as "gone for good" when you shop with Ellison Eyewear. The brand was actually founded on the principle that we, as consumers, should embrace the natural, daily life occurrence that is loss.

Translation: No need to throw a fit because losing your shades is like cash going down the drain!

According to press materials received by Bustle, the brand's founder Aristotle Loumis owned a pair of pricey designer shades that found a new home at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. It was at that moment Loumis realized that instead of freaking out over the fate of an expensive purchase that is really just a piece of fancy plastic, consumers could reduce anxiety over the waste and enjoy a service such as the one Ellison provides.

This graphic pretty much lays out how easily Ellison Eyewear works. But be sure to read the "Terms of Service" on the site, to be fully informed.

Brigitte Sunglasses, $180,

This gorgeous pair is available via the Ellison Eyewear site right now. So classic and chic.

Mia Sunglasses, $125,

OMG! These retro cat eyes are so vintage. I want a pair.

The brand also offers impact travel excursions, like helping customers volunteer at Greek refugee camps. So you can dig in a little more on the site to learn about its charitable endeavors. You can learn more about the brand here.

BTW, RimFly is another sunnies subscription services for shades obsessives.

Images: Courtesy of We Are Ellison (2)