This Teen Who Bought His Girlfriend Makeup When She Was Sad Just Became 2017's Most Glorious Meme

Between today's apocalyptically hilarious photos of the doomed Fyre Festival in the Bahamas and Donald Trump saying that his life before the presidency was "easier," there has been no shortage of meme-able content today — enter Ben Nguyen, the guy who bought his girlfriend makeup because she was sad and accidentally became the best meme in the Year Of Our Oscar Isaac's Eyebrows 2017.

Ben has been dating his girlfriend Devanne Tran for a year now, and clearly knows the way to her heart. Devanne, who enjoys herself some nice make-up as many humans do, was sad about something on April 24 (I mean, it was a Monday, so — fair) when Ben came to the rescue — not with flowers, not with chocolate, but with a WHOLE lot of make-up swag. (OK, three pieces of make-up swag, but speaking from experience, that stuff is money.)

Most pleased by the gesture, Devanne posted a tweet of Ben posing with the loot and captioned it, "Y'all I told Ben I was sad today and he spoiled the f*ck out of me :,)." What happened next is a true testament to both Ben's sweetness and the glorious sarcasm of this here internet.

Enter a tsunami of "Ben I'm sad" tweets that nearly broke the internet.

That, and tons of ~SURPRISE~ ailments that obviously required a quick trip to Sephora to ease.

Not only was Ben's little gift a big hit with the internet, but with Devanne as well. "When he showed it to me I literally screamed and hugged him," said Devanne to BuzzFeed News. "It did make me feel better because he knew how upset I was, so he did what he knew would make me happy even though it was expensive." Apparently what would make her happy included Tarte, Too Faced, and Estée Lauder, so behalf on all the internet, same.

This is reportedly not the first time Ben has bought her makeup when she was sad — and to that, all I can say is, "I'm sad, Ben."

"For those who are calling me materialistic and a user clearly don't know I didn't ask for any of it or even suggest I wanted it," said Devanne to BuzzFeed News. "Ben's just a genuinely nice person that knew it would cheer me up ... I would've been just as happy if he got me a rock."

Excuse me while I go simultaneously weep over how precious these two are, and proceed to scroll through the responses to this tweet until the end of time.