You Can Keep Up With What Trump Sees On His Twitter Feed Each Day

by Seth Millstein
Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you've ever wondered what President Trump sees when he opens up Twitter, there's now an easy way to do it. A new Twitter account checks the accounts that Trump follows — all 45 of them — and retweets any tweets from those accounts that were sent in the preceding five minutes. The account's handle is @Trumps_Feed, and by looking at it, you can see exactly what the president sees whenever he checks his own Twitter feed.

Obviously, the content of that feed is constantly changing. As of this writing, though, the first three tweets at the top of Trump's feed are from Fox & Friends, Fox Nation, and the Drudge Report — that is, various right-wing media sources. Topics discussed on @Trumps_Feed include the Barcelona attack, Trump's feud with Sen. John McCain, the upcoming eclipse, and "secret Chinese military activity in Antarctica," in the words of a Drudge Report tweet.

We get from this feed more than just a replication of a Twitter list, however. @Trumps_Feed gives us a glimpse into the news sources that inform the president's worldview and shape his policy decisions, and although that may sound small, it's nothing short of extraordinary: In no previous presidential administration has the average American had the opportunity to see literally the same stream of news reports that the president is reading. Although there are downsides to having a president who spends so much time on Twitter, this is surely a small silver lining.

The feed was created by the Washington Post's Philip Bump, who notes that it's possible to view not only every account that Trump follows, but the order in which he followed them. The first two Twitter accounts Trump followed were those belonging to his daughter and son, Ivanka and Don Jr., followed by that of former CNN host Piers Morgan. Beyond that, Trump is primarily following members of his campaign and administration, right-wing media figures and websites, family members, and a few assorted Trump properties. Notable exceptions include golfer Gary Player and Vince McMahon, CEO of the WWE.

In totality, Trump follows seven Twitter accounts affiliated with Fox News, which is noted for its heavy pro-Republican bias. This, along with the right-wing Drudge Report, comprise all of Trump's news sources on Twitter: He doesn't follow any news outlets with moderate or progressive reputations. The fact that Trump is apparently subsisting on a solely-conservative media diet is an important thing to keep in mind when he comments on the news of the day, or announces one such policy or another.

As Bump points out, Trump began following the Twitter account of Vice President Mike Pence before he started following his daughter, Tiffany.