Behold This Unicorn Frappuccino Pregnancy Announcement

Social media has transformed the pregnancy announcement game. Before, you just showed your partner the pee stick destiny, or you held an intimate party for friends and family where you declined a glass of wine with a significant smile, or you appeared on “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant!” Today, expecting couples have elaborate, professionally photographed announcements with a teeny pair of baby shoes, or a punny hashtag, and maybe this is just me but I feel like they’re all in barns? This week though, a clear winner emerged: a woman in Arizona announced her pregnancy on a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino.

Although snaps of Starbucks’ new color and flavor-changing concoction have been taking over social media, none have gotten as much attention as this one. Julie Renee, the Starbucks barista who received the unusual order, tweeted a picture of the sparkly, swirly good news on Wednesday, and her post blew up. At the woman’s request, Renee wrote “You’re gonna be a dad!” on the purple, pink, and blue drink. She also drew some hearts around it for good measure. According to Renee, the woman had “just found out and was driving to work to tell her husband.” Here's how the cuteness turned out:

While there’s no word yet on how her husband responded, drink announcements seem like a great idea. What better way to celebrate good news than with a delicious beverage? Unfortunately, the unicorn frapp is only around until Sunday, April 23rd, so here are some other drink/announcement combos to consider.

For telling your partner you watched an episode of 'Big Little Lies' without them ...


You promised you would watch it all together, and you tried, you really did. But their boss made them work late a bunch this week and you needed to know what the deal is with Celeste! Still, they’re going to upset and you should respect that, so get them a case of their favorite beer to sip on while you try to bite your tongue and not give away any spoilers during the episode.

For telling your roommate you ate a bunch of their food last night ...


When you get home at 3 a.m. after a big night out, there is nothing that can get in the way of you and that box of Ritz crackers, not even the fact that they’re not technically “yours”. Since you want to remain level-headed and calm, brew a nice cup of tea for your roommate when you tell them you ate $30-worth of their groceries last night. Plus, you’re probably still kind of hungover.

For telling your parents you’re quitting your stable job to pursue your dreams ...


It’s not easy for parents to accept that their child is *gasp* a creative. It’s not because they don’t believe in you or don’t think you’re talented, it’s just because they don’t want you to end up impoverished or worse, on a reality TV show. So when you sit them down to tell them you’re quitting your salaried job to pursue acting/writing/juggling, bring a stiff drink. They’ll need it.

For telling your grandma you’re still single ...


When life gives you lemons, Grandma, you get to watch episodes of Big Little Lies whenever you want.