This Video Of A 4-Year-Old Pimple Being Popped Is Absolutely Gripping

What happens when you combine an ancient pimple and a marriage with no boundaries? An explosion of pus that will make even the most avid pimple popper avoid food for the rest of the day. Last year, Facebook user Wade Powell posted a video of a four-year-old pimple on his cheek being popped by his wife, Khristina, who Powell wrote in the caption is a nurse. Over the course of nearly four minutes (one for every year the pimple has existed?), Khristina drains the pimple on her husband's face fully, ensuring that it's fully cleared out. As far as popping videos go, this one is as thorough as it gets.

Powell originally posted the video in April 2017, and explained in the video's caption on Facebook that he had the quarter-sized zit on his face for "a long time" — aka, four years. From the looks of it in the video before it's drained, it doesn't look that big, so it's understandable that someone might not realize it being around for a long time. However, Powell continued in the caption, since his wife Khristina is a nurse, she was able to pop the pimple safely. Now, that's true love.

As can be seen in the video, Khristina began by squeezing the area around the spot, inching her way closer to its head until it suddenly, well, popped. But she didn't stop there. Remember that this is a four-year-old pimple. There's plenty more pimple where that came from. Eventually, after a few minutes, the pus turned to blood, and she called it a day.

While it's likely that the pimple must not have been causing so much pain considering he didn't have it removed for four years, according to the Daily Mail, Powell said that he actually felt better after the lump was finally gone. "It was an instant relief when it was over," he explained to the British paper. Makes sense.

Of course, considering Khristina is a medical professional, it was likely safe for Powell to have his pimple removed this way. But, despite the popularity of pimple popping videos online, most doctors recommend against messing with your zits. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, an improperly popped pimple can lead to reoccurrence of said pimple, acne that is "more painful," or even an infection if the bacteria on your hands gets inside the pimple. Zakiya Rice, MD, a dermatologist and assistant professor at Emory University, explained to Web MD that pimples keep bacteria "nice and contained." Forcing pus out of a pimple and onto the rest of your skin can infect other pores, and it also runs the risk of forcing bacteria inside the pimple deeper into your skin.

If it's so bad for our skin, why do we love popping pimples — or watching other people pop their own? The answer might have to do with the rush of near-excitement that comes with the pimple's expulsion. In 2015, when pimple popping videos first started to go mainstream, Purdue University assistant professor of philosophy Daniel Kelly told Cosmopolitan that being disgusted by a video can cause the "same kind of thrill people get from, say, riding a roller coaster or bungee jumping." You're watching something painful or gross, but you're not actually experiencing it. Then there's the good, old-fashioned draw of curiosity, which is why I'll watch these videos through my fingers despite complaining the whole time.

So if you're strangely drawn to the video above, you're not alone. The popping of Wade's pimple been viewed nearly 900,000 times on Facebook, and people are still tagging their friends in the comments almost a year later.