This Video Of Prince Harry & Obama Has Twitter Screaming About The Newest “Bromance”

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Since he left the Oval Office, President Obama has been living his best life. Whether he's kitesurfing or surprising a group of adorable kids at the Boys and Girls Club in D.C., the former president has kept busy since stepping down from his position as the American commander-in-chief. On Sunday, a video of Prince Harry interviewing Obama had Twitter freaking out about their apparent bromance, and wondering if this means that Obama will score a role in the upcoming royal wedding.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the BBC Radio 4 interview was released on Sunday morning. It was conducted by Prince Harry earlier this fall, when the pair were in Canada for the Invictus Games. In the video, the former president jokingly asks if he needs to talk with a British accent. Prince Harry says no, but warns Obama that if he pauses too long between answers, he'll get "the face," raising his eyebrows to signal that it's time to move things along.

The 20-minute interview will be broadcast on Dec. 27, and eventually turned into a podcast. According to a tweet from Kensington Palace, Obama discussed with Prince Harry memories of his last day in office and his plans for post-presidential life and his work with the Obama Foundation.

The United States has been buzzing with royal fever ever since Prince Harry proposed to American actress Meghan Markle, and immediately took to this video of the nation's former president and the British prince. The big takeaway? Obama and Prince Harry's bromance only continues to blossom.

Does This Mean Obama Will Go To The Royal Wedding?

Patricia Treble, a Canadian journalist who covers the royal family, said the video means that "Barack Obama is definitely going to Harry and Meghan's wedding."

Back in 2011, when Kate Middleton married Prince William, then-President Obama did not receive an invitation, as the wedding was "not a political occasion."

Now that Obama is no longer in political life, however, some think it may be different for this royal wedding. Others think it's likely that the Obamas will enjoy seats at the wedding as the Trumps are snubbed, as Financial Times chief foreign affairs columnist Gideon Rachman predicted.

There's no doubt that one member of the Trump inner circle is clamoring for an invite — on Friday, Ivanka congratulated Markle and Prince Harry on their engagement via Twitter, writing, "I have no doubt that this couple will do extraordinary things, both individually and collectively."

While President Trump has not indicated that he's hoping to attend, many took the BBC video as a sign that his predecessor is more likely to be on the guest list.

The Internet Can't Get Over This Bromance

Beyond the wedding rumors, the BBC radio interview has given the internet more excuses to gush over Prince Harry and Obama's endearing bromance, or as some like to refer to it, their #specialrelationship.

The pair were first spotted together at the Invictus Games this fall. The sporting competition for wounded veterans was founded by Prince Harry, and welcomes athletes from around the world each year.

After Obama attended the Invictus Games, he invited Prince Harry to come to the United States for the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago.

With the BBC interview set to air, the internet wants to see more of this budding bromance — one Twitter user suspected one of the reasons they get along so well is that Obama is close to Princess Diana's age, if Prince Harry's mom were still living.

Another quipped that the relationship between Obama and Prince Harry is simply "the perfect bromance."

With all the royal wedding hubbub, though, it's easy to forget about Obama's number one bromance: the one he shares with former Vice President Joe Biden. This relationship is so legendary that there's a cartoon in the works about the pair.

Prince Harry is great, but Biden + Obama have captured America's hearts forever.