Prince William Just Galloped Like A Horse On Television & Now Twitter Is In Love With Him

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It's not strange to see a member of the British Royal Family riding a galloping horse, but it's something entirely different when you actually have the chance to watch Prince William gallop like a horse. That's exactly what happened at 2017's Royal Variety Performance, which was filmed in November and aired Tuesday in the U.K., and was attended by both William and Kate Middleton. After the cast of Annie performed for the audience and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, one little girl adorably asked His Royal Highness, "Please, sir, will you gallop with us?"

Immediately, William looked completely embarrassed, but how was he going to turn down this sweet girl's request? After covering his eyes and laughing, the 35-year-old royal stood up and did what she asked. That's right, he galloped in the Royal Box at the London Palladium. It was only briefly, but it was worth every short second. Like pretty much everyone else, Middleton laughed so hard at her husband.

William clearly didn't have to do it, but if he didn't he would've crushed the little girl's spirit. He also very well knew that whatever he did would make headlines. He'll never be able to forget about it, which is what makes this all the more fantastic. If you've yet to see the footage for yourself, you must watch the video below, immediately. Be sure to take note of how overjoyed the little girl is that he actually galloped for her. The moment is both hilarious and beyond sweet.

Now that his galloping skills have made their way around the globe, fans are reacting strongly — and very positively.

He's A Legend

His performance was epic.

He Needs To Be King — Now

Think he would gallop as king?

Can He Gallop Around The Stage?

This would be something.

He's A Great Guy


He's Never Been So Cool

The emoji says it all.

He's A Hero

Let's give him a round of applause.

The Best Moment Of 2017

It's definitely up there.

And for those who are desperately in need of a gif, here you go.

The Royal Variety Performance is an annual televised variety series, which raises money for the Royal Variety Charity. According to the organization's website, "The Royal Variety Charity assists those who've worked professionally in the entertainment industry [on the stage, in the wings, in front of and behind the camera, etc.] and are in need of help." As stated on the website, "...it is the most successful and longest running entertainment show in the world," with its establishment in 1908. Queen Elizabeth II is also the sole Patron.

This year, the variety show was hosted by comedian Miranda Hart. According to The Sun, the Call the Midwife actor "became the first-ever woman to host the Royal Variety Performance as a solo presenter" during this year's show. Hart should also be thanked for getting William to act like a horse, because she apparently loves to gallop and that's how it came up at the show in the first place. Per the Radio Times, galloping is one of Hart's signature moves from her BBC series, Miranda.

You can watch her gallop here:

In addition to channeling his inner horse, William participated in another part of the show. During her opening skit, according to Entertainment Tonight Canada, Hart asked for audience participation in recreating a "posh" party. She got people to shout out phrases, including "such fun," which is one of her catchphrases. Well, she also got William to yell, "Such fun!" He really is a good sport, isn't he?

One can only imagine how fun of a dad William is to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. They are truly lucky to have a father who isn't afraid to gallop like a horse on television.