A Passenger Live-Tweeted About Two Strangers Falling In Love On Her Flight & It’s The Best Rom-Com Of Summer

tanasan/Fotolia, @roseybeeme/Twitter

Once upon a time, two people randomly sat next to each other on a plane and fell in love. While it sounds like a romantic comedy, it happened IRL. And, one woman took to Twitter to document her experience witnessing two strangers meet on an airplane and possibly fall for one another. "Last night on a flight home, my boyfriend and I asked a woman to switch seats with me so we could sit together," unofficial matchmaker Rosey Blair tweeted on July 3.

"We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life." Obviously, she was just kidding, but what happened next provided Blair and her boyfriend Houston Hardaway with so much in-flight entertainment that they documented the blossoming romance on Twitter and Instagram after the woman who gave up her seat and her new seat mate immediately hit it off.

"I saw a story unfolding in front of my eyes recently, and it filled me with the hope of possibility. A lot of people dismiss the idea of love at first sight because it’s a little schmaltzy, silly, and perhaps cliche," Blair wrote in an Instagram post that she then tweeted. "My perspective is this: open your eyes up to possibility and you may see it all around you." Here's all the detes of the real-live plane BAE movie that I'm going to call Love Is In The Air.


The Plot

A self-proclaimed skeptic, Blair wrote that the experience gave her a new perspective. "I hope that many of you are inspired by the story I shared. Sharing this story has also made me reconsider some of the thoughts of negativity I too have been guilty of putting out into the world. If you have been feeling low, I hope you are reinvigorated to serve yourself and those around you some much needed cheerfulness. I’ll be attempting to do the same."


How Plane BAE Met

While it's not yet clear if the in-flight romance will continue on the ground, the airplane lovebirds basically had a first date on the plane. This is sort of like the plot of the rom-com Forces of Nature with Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock where a couple meets on a flight and then embarks on a whirlwind short-term romance.


The Food

The fitness buffs declined to have a drink, but they did share a cheeseboard, which is a classic first-date appetizer.


Meeting The Family

Unless you're a contestant on The Bachelor, you generally don't meet your potential partner's parents on the first or second date. While these two didn't meet each other's parents IRL, they did swap photos.


The Suspense

Who needs in-flight entertainment when a love story is unfolding a few seats away IRL? As the plot thickened, Blair and Hardaway ordered snacks because all good rom-coms need refreshments.


It Was Hot In More Ways Than One

Apparently the flight didn't have air conditioning, but that didn't stop the new couple from scooting closer to one another.


The Buzz Around 'Love Is In The Air'

The Love Is In The Air live in-flight movie became an instant hit with people all over Twitter tuning into to see what would happen next. Not since the recent Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson engagement announcement has a couple set off such a social-media firestorm.


The Body Language

This head-on-the-shoulder gesture can only mean one thing — they are both catching the warm and fuzzy feels!


The Future

When planning a life together, it's important to make sure you both want the same things — like cheeseboards, cute family photos, and public displays of affection.


Please! Don't Leave Us Hanging

For people who were glued to the edge of their seats and feared they might never know how Love Is In The Air ends, Blair reassured everyone that she was committed to seeing it through.


And They Lived Happily Ever After

Love Is In The Air ends just how any good rom-com should, with no definitive answers yet loaded with possibility for the future. Think Pretty Woman, You've Got Mail, and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. While we might never truly know what happens between the in-flight lovebirds, it's easy to imagine a fairytale ending for plane BAE as they deplane and head toward their bright shiny future.


Catching Flights & Feelings

But, that's not all. Blair actually found one half of the couple who starred in the plane BAE saga, and Euan Holden tweeted a reply to the viral thread. In another tweet he started the hashtag #CatchingFlightsANDFeelings, which is a not-so-vague reveal about what he thinks of starring in Love Is In The Air. Of course, this started off another wave of tweets from those invested in the story, which could only mean we can expect a sequel titled Catching Flights and Feelings. Coming soon to an airplane near you.


The Oscar For Best Director Goes To ...

Love Is In The Air for the win! Blair also noted in another tweet that the plane BAE couple is following one another on social media and they both live in the same city. What's more, the romance captivated so many people that Blair, Hardaway, and Holden appeared on the TODAY show. The other half of plane BAE was identified as a woman named Helen who asked to remain anonymous.


What Happens Next?

Now is the time when viewers leave Holden and Helen alone to explore their budding romance privately. But, here's a little something to hold onto. Holden's heartfelt thank you and simultaneous request for the opportunity to see what happens away from the cameras is going to have you catching all the feels. Ahhh! I'm not crying, you're crying! Honestly, everyone is crying. Let's face it, we could all use a happen ending right now.