Here's What Happens When A MUA Uses A Dollar Store Toy As A Blender

Vloggers and Internet makeup artists continue to impress with their originality, creativity, and for seeing potential where so many of us... don't. Khloe Dosh used a dollar store toy paint brush x roller to blend her liquid and cream makeup. Her reasoning for picking up the cheap toy was totally clever — in her Insta caption, she noted that she was inspired by the fake paint brush during a trip to Dollar Tree to grab some stuff for her niece. She even thought it would worth a try because she wasn't washing her makeup brushes that day. It truly was an unusual and creative source of inspo, just like the vlogger who used utensils, like a spoon, to blend her makeup to less-than-stellar results. But did using a dollar store paint brush toy work as well as a sponge for blending product?

Dosh confirmed that "unfortunately it didn't work as well as Instagram made it seem" and that this little experiment was done for fun! I certainly enjoyed watching her spritz the roller with a setting spray and then try to blend with it before tossing it and reaching for her usual, trusty tools.

You never know if an idea like this will be truly inventive and work or if it will be totally bunk. But it's exciting to try unexpected things, as Dosh did!

Why not, right?

A little prep work was necessary, since blenders work best when damp.

The shape made it seem like the roller would be up for the task.

Dosh did her best with the "tool!"

She was having fun with it.

It wasn't the best blender, but she would never know unless she tried.

Makeup artistry is truly artistry when makeup obsessives take risks and try unusual things. Like so!

Watch the video in full!

Khloe Dosh is insanely talented, as her YouTube channel indicates. She is also a stunner no matter what product or tools she uses, that's for sure!