This Vlogger Used A Spoon & Fork To Apply Makeup

Necessity is usually the mother of invention... but so is curiosity! With some makeupistas resorting to things like condoms and bottle caps to apply their makeup, beauty obsessives shouldn't shocked by anything online makeup artists attempt to transform into application tools at this point! Talented and self-taught vlogger Rubiit was purely curious when she opted to use spoons and forks as makeup applicators in an Instagram video.

While I can understand why she reached for a spoon for foundation — because, hey, why not?— I was more surprised by her choice of a fork, which she utilized as a contouring tool. Since you have to be extra careful with a fork near the eyes and on skin, of course.

There were pros and cons of each "tool" and here's how it all went down!

For the same reason the SiliSponge became a highly sought-after makeup applicator, Rubiit confirmed that the spoon was great, because it didn't soak up any additional product. It allowed her to spread her foundation all over her face. However, the spoon was completely ineffective for blending the product after application. The foundation sorta just... sat there. She had to resort to a sponge for the buff 'n' blend task.

The fork was utilized for contouring purposes, but it wasn't serviceable as a blender, either.

There is Rubiit's reason for trying the utensils and her direct experience with doing so.

She used the flat side of the spoon, which made sense when spreading product on her canvas aka face.

But it wasn't a highly functioning blending tool.

You can see how Rubiit used the fork to place contouring products.

The fork marks acted as a guide.

But Rubiit still had to buff and blend with a sponge.

While using utensils as makeup tools looked like a fun experiment, it's clear that spoons are better suited for eating soup and ice cream. Forks are best used to spear chunks of food and to transfer them to your mouth.

It was certainly clever and creative, but utensils-as-makeup-applicators. ended up being a bit of a bust for her. You never know until you try it, though.

Images: Rubiit Official/Instagram (8)