Here's How Huda Liquid Lippies Double As Eye Makeup

Liquid lipsticks are the one essential tool you need to create a power, precise, and mega matte pout. But the product, which goes on wet yet dries down to rich, velvety finish, has many other uses. Italian vlogger Luisa Simona uses Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks for all of her eye makeup needs. She even proclaims that she loves the brand's wares so much she could bathe in them. Now that's devotion.

While this talented Internet makeup artist does not literally bathe in Huda lippies, she does get creative with the brick brown Trendsetter shade, proving that makeup products are versatile and are malleable when left in the hands of really artistic people.

Simona certainly gets clever with her tube of liquid lip color. She uses it as both a dark circle corrector and as an eye shadow base... in the same look. She also demonstrates her skills by using other products and hues to buff and layer. You simply can't argue with the stunning end result.

Simona also makes an important point, writing, "You can cover dark circles, do your contour, your eyes and lips makeup with just one product!" A multi-tasking product saves you time, money, and precious space in your makeup bag.

I love when an inventive Internet MUA uses a product in ways other than which it was intended.

That shade lends itself to multiple uses. It's perfect for incorporation into a sunset smoky eye. It's also ripe for a swipe on your lips when all is said and done and to finish off your look.

Here, she is using it to neutralize dark circles.

A little concealer and a blender smooths it all out.

It's effective as an eyeshadow base, as it will help whatever is placed over top of it to better adhere. It will also intensify that very same color.

UPDATE: Simona told Bustle via email that "Huda liquid lipstick have a creamy texture and they are easy to work with. You can use them for literally everything! You can use them as lipstick, cream blush, concealer for color correction, as I showed in the video."

It's such a beautiful end result. Doesn't this tutorial inspire you to want to use you liquid lippies in a new way?

One vlogger uses Kat Von D Everlasting lippies as shadow primers, too. Just be extra careful when using any product not specifically designed for use near the eye.

Be cautious while being creative! Speaking of creative, Simona also told us the new Huda Lip Strobes can be used "as eyeshadows, highlighters, lip gloss, and many other purposes. Just use your imagination. Makeup is all about creativity, isn't it?"

It sure is.