This Quiz Will Help You Pick The Perfect Wedding Cocktail Based On Your Relationship


Ask anyone who has planned a wedding and they'll tell you: you have to make SO many decisions. Your job is just beginning once you've finished picking out everything worn by the wedding party. You need to choose music and invitations and envelopes for said invitations. Then, once you pick a venue, you need to make the most important decision of all: the menu. Deciding what you will serve to eat is one thing, but drinks? A whole different ballgame. Brilliant Earth understands this. That is why the online jewelers have developed a Wedding Cocktail Quiz to help you drum ideas.

It's safe to say not everyone is knows their way around a bar like they do around a kitchen. First and foremost, you can't legally drink alcohol until you're an adult. So you probably have around two decades-worth of knowledge about food accumulated in your brain before you even take your first sip. That's what makes Brilliant Earth's wedding cocktail generator SO important. Over the course of ten questions, Brilliant Earth will determine the perfect libation to drink with your love on your special day. Not planning your big day yet? You can take the quiz, too. Brilliant Earth encourages everyone to take the quiz, saying "Even those who are not-yet-engaged or already married may want to find their own perfect couple’s drink." Knowledge is power.

The quiz is ten questions long. It inquires about everything from your partner's demeanor to your ideal honeymoon location to whether or not you exercise as a couple. Once you've completed the questionnaire you'll be presented with a drink that complements your unique love. Perhaps you'll be presented with the Raspberry Rumble: a sweet pink drink made of two different kinds of berry liqueur and pineapple juice. Maybe a 42 and Twisted is more your speed. It is a mix of grapefruit juice, bitters, vodka, and lemonade.

But, say you and your boo aren't big into booze. There's no point in taking a cocktail quiz, right? WRONG. Not only does the Brilliant Earth provide you with the proper cocktail to serve on your big day, it gives you the option of turning any result into a MOCKTAIL. Truly an unprecedented move. Destination wedding in the Caribbean? Opt for a ~Cuddles~ On The Beach— a mix of cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and peach nectar. Maybe a Raspberry Mock-Scow Mule is more your speed. It is a mix of ginger beer, lime juice, and club soda, and finished with a garnish of raspberries to create a refreshing, virgin take on the old standard Moscow Mule.

If you are going to let a quiz decide what drinks will be served at your wedding, you should probably learn a little more about the folks who created it. Brilliant Earth is an online jeweler that specializes in engagement and wedding rings. In fact, they pretty much have the market cornered when it comes to ethically-sourced diamond jewelry. The company was formed in 2005 by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg, two former classmates.

According to the story on the website, the idea stemmed directly from Beth's difficulty finding an engagement ring constructed from ethically-sourced diamonds. The predicament turned into an idea and the idea became Brilliant Earth. Where other diamonds may have unknown and problematic origins, Brilliant Earth's diamonds are harvested from places where this is not the case.

Before the best day of your life, you need to work out all the little details for the celebration. Luckily, Brilliant Earth's signature cocktail quiz is here to make one decision a little simpler — now you just have to go get some ingredients!