This Weighted Blanket May Help With Stress & Anxiety

by Nia Decaille

Hailed as "the internet generation" and dealing with a job market that is unreliable at best, it's no wonder that Millennials suffer from higher rates of anxiety. So how can Millennial women maintain a healthy work-life balance when they sit atop such an odd dichotomy and are twice as likely to deal with anxiety? Well, we haven't quite figured that out, along with how to completely shatter the glass ceiling.

But there's a light somewhere at the end of that Twitter thread and that third cup of coffee, and it's a weighted blanket that can reduce anxiety — aka "The Gravity Blanket". Yes, you read that right. This just isn't about counting sheep and waiting to come down from a caffeine high. Nope. The answer to battling fatigue that often adds to feelings of anxiousness is Proprioceptive Input, or "deep touch pressure stimulation," and it's as simple as wrapping yourself up in a 25-pound blanket.

Often critiqued as "entitled," Millennials are also no stranger to succumbing to perfectionist complexes and ambition addictions that lead to many unhealthy habits. If we add the layers that make us unique, studies have shown that African-American women are more prone to stress induced high blood pressure and higher incidents of stroke than other ethnicities. Of course, this blanket might not solve all of our problems with mental health — and certainly won't replace professional and medical help — it might be worth giving it a shot!

According to Futurism, we've known for "decades" about the proper use of gravity to relieve stress and anxiety. While it's proven to help with dealing with autism and PTSD, occupational therapists like Amber Martin say it's good for everyone. When you slide this baby on, its custom design uses "poly pellets" to target pressure points in the body that contributes to the release of serotonin for a better night's rest. This calming effect can lead to more restful sleeping patterns by simply dialing down those regions in the brain that are susceptible to worrying.

Fear not, this wonder blanket uses odorless and non-toxic materials and comes in an machine washable fabric for day-to-day use. The Gravity Blanket can be found on Kickstarter along with helpful testimonials and information.

So while the conversation about mental health evolves, it's perfectly normal to feel helpless with everything we know about anxiety. The first step is knowing where to start! But who knew that the first step might just be throwing on your pajamas and getting reacquainted with your inner kindergartener?

The Gravity Blanket retails for $279, but early birds can get a significantly reduced price by ordering on Kickstarter — but the deals are limited quantity, so hop on it fast!