This Woman Creates Bath Bomb-Inspired Makeup Looks

LUSH fan or not, you know what a bath bomb is. While the natural cosmetics company has an insane offering of incredible, handmade goods, LUSH's bath bombs are arguably their claim to fame. Some Lushies (aka LUSH super fans) are obsessed with them, but one woman's love is on an entirely different level. Kimberley Margarita's bath bomb-inspired makeup looks are so insanely beautiful and unique, you might never look at a bath bomb the same way again.

Lushies showcase their love for the brand in all kinds of ways. Whether they're mixing numerous bath bombs in their tubs to see what happens or sharing some of their seriously stellar hauls, Lushies just really love spreading the LUSH gospel. But beauty vlogger Kimberley Margarita's way of showing her LUSH loyalty is unlike anything you've ever seen.

The talented makeup artist's Instagram account is full of incredible makeup creations, and while you should look through them all, her bath bomb-inspired makeup tutorials should receive special attention.

"I'm inspired to create LUSH Bath Bomb looks from all the amazing color combos," Margarita shares over email. "When you drop them in your bath, they're a work of art and I interpret them into makeup designs."

From the ultra colorful Intergalactic to the glittering Golden Egg Bath Bomb, Margarita's looks channel the colorful, ultra fun nature of LUSH's signature product perfectly.

This Ups-A-Daisy inspired look will give you seriously flower child vibes.

Ups-A-Daisy, $7.95, LUSH

The Intergalactic Bath Bomb is one of the most colorful, and this look inspired by the product is not only spot-on, but also so stunning.

Intergalactic, $7.75, LUSH

Luxury Lush Pud is a holiday item from LUSH, and this makeup look is so incredibly festive. While you can't snag the matching Bath Bomb right now, the stunning pink color it gives your bath can be recreated with the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (even if it is a totally different smell).

Sex Bomb, $7.95, LUSH

The Golden Egg was basically Beyonce is Bath Bomb form, but unfortunately, it's a seasonal product. Thankfully, though, LUSH's stunning gold Sunnyside Bubble Bar will basically turn your bath into a shimmering mermaid's dream.

If you're inspired by Kimberley Margarita and are feeling the LUSH love, now's the perfect time to shop the brand. Who knows, you might come up with your next Friday night makeup look during your next LUSH trip.