This Woman Found A Giant Avocado In Hawaii & It’s Literally The Size Of A Person's Head

The Baby Boomer realtors are about to get a lot more worried about Millennials' inability to budget avocado toasts and save for homes, because a woman in Hawaii found an avocado the size of a football and no, this is not something I dreamed during my pre-lunch nap. According to Mashable, Pamela Wang was minding her own business, taking a walk down the road in her home of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, when she stumbled across a large green fruit that looked a whole lot like a squash in an avocado's clothes. While she stated in an interview with local news station KHON2 that she often finds rogue avocados on her morning walk (the area is populated by mature avocado trees) she was surprised by she shape, weight, and length of this particular finding. So of course, she picked it up and took it with her to the local Farmer's Market to figure out what it was.

Hawaii already has a reputation for a plentiful bounty of avocados and large fruits — but this combination of large and avocado is something locals had not seen before. So much so, the local farmers immediately encouraged Wang to get in touch with the Guinness Book of World Records to get her jumbo fruit documented for consideration. Unlike anything they'd ever seen in Hawaii, the locals were sure that Wang's finding was rare.

After getting the encouragement from local farmers, Wang checked in with Ken Love, the president of the Tropical Fruit Growers Association, who was not all that shocked. In a phone interview broadcasted on the KHON2 local news station, Love said that Kona already holds records for some of the largest jackfruit, mango, and soursop in the world, so it's no surprise they're about to become the home to the largest avocado in the world, too. Love confirmed to Wang that her avocado specimen was indeed one of the heaviest, if not the biggest, avocado he's ever seen. And while it's hard to tell exactly the origins of the fruit, Love believes the tree was grafted by the late Yosoto Egami — a longtime station foreman at University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Kona Research Station in Kainaliu. And because the branch of the tree was hanging over the property line, the fallen fruit would be considered public and confirming that Wang was free to take it with her. So with that confidence, Wang headed home with her prized possession and entered it into the Guinness Book of World Records database. The current record for the heaviest avocado in the world is held by Gabriel Ramirez Nahim of Caracas, Venezuela, with an avocado that weighed in at four pounds, 13.2 ounces, registered in 2009.


With an official weight of over five pounds, as verified by tropical fruit specialist Ken Love, Wang's entry will likely take over the number one spot for the heaviest avocado in the entire world, as currently the size of the fruit is only categorized by weight and not physical measurements. It will take a few months of for Wang's submission to be processed and reviewed, but hopefully we'll know sooner than later if the record's changed. I can see the headlines now: "Hawaiian Tourism Soars With Influx Of Millennials Searching For Record Breaking Avocados."

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Oh, and if you're wondering, yes, Wang ate the avocado. She took it into town and shared with her friends. Even split between ten people, there were still leftovers. Oh, and yes, it was just as delicious as it looked — perfectly fresh, very soft, and full of flavor. This might be the most appropriate time in my entire life to say "Holy Guacamole" and I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry.