This Woman Found Hotdogs Full Of Razor Blades In Her Backyard When She Was Letting Her Dogs Out

We knew things were getting pretty bad, but now there is definitive proof that nothing is sacred anymore, not even pups. On Tuesday morning, Emma Medeiros from Saskatchewan, Canada, was enjoying the sunny weather with her two dogs when she was horrified to find three hotdogs full of razor blades on her front lawn. Bustle has reached out to Medeiros for comment, and will update upon response.

Medeiros told BuzzFeed Canada that she took her two dogs, Ophelia and Pandora, outside to do their business, and while she was sitting on the patio enjoying the spring weather, she noticed her border collie Ophelia sniffing a piece of meat in the yard. She saw the meat had a bit of a shine to it, and when she inspected it more closely, her “stomach just dropped.”

She estimates that there were about 15 razor blades in each cocktail weenie, maybe more, and is horrified when she imagines what could have happened.

“It would cut them from their mouths all the way to their stomach,” she told Canada’s Global News, “They would bleed, like, it could have poison in it.”

As terrible as it would have been if her dogs had eaten the deadly treats, that isn’t even the worst-case scenario. Some of Medeiros’ neighbors have small children who could have stumbled upon the hot dog in her yard.

“I just want to make sure everyone’s pets and kids are safe,” Medeiros’ boyfriend Kaleb Smith told Global News, “It doesn’t just go with pets. It could be someone’s kid playing in the yard, that would be even worse. I love my dog but I couldn’t imagine if somebody’s little kid maybe found a piece of hot dog and put it in his mouth.”

“Im not sure where to post this but I took my fur babies out for a peee this morning and happened to notice some hot dog in my yard, which is very unusual. So i went up to the pieces and it turns out theres a bunch of razor blades in each piece.... im located on 6th & queen so anyone around me, PLEASE CHECK YOUR YARDS!!!!” Medeiros implored on her Facebook video, which has been shared over 8,000 times.

Medeiros has no idea who would could possibly behind the cruel trick. According to local police, if the animals had eaten the hot dogs, whoever put them there could face up to five years in prison for animal cruelty charges. Authorities say if anyone finds something similar in their yard, they should contact animal protection services and the police.