This Woman Uses Dead Bugs For Nail Art & The Results Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Beauty trends come and go, but one that has been picking up steam over the past two years is elaborate nail art — and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. Beauty junkies are all about using their nails to showcase their personalities, and it's forced nail artists to get increasingly creative to make their work stand out from the pack. The result is some crazy nail trends, from the adorable to the meaningful. Succulent nail art? Cute, trendy, but probably not that practical. Tampon nail art? Kind of strange, but kind of poignant. And critter nail art? As in nail art with actual dead bugs in it? That's definitely going to cause people to do a double take.

Insider Beauty first discovered this new look, which all goes back to Australia-based nail artist Nic Casati, who works at Deadly Beauty and Nails Studio in Melbourne. Casati lets customers bring in dead "critters" — everything from lady bugs to spiders to scorpions to tiny seahorses (at least that's what shown in the video). She surrounds the bug with glitter and a thick layer of acrylic to keep it from decomposing. Casati was originally inspired to create this look by women in Mexico who used scorpions as part of their nail art, as she says in the video.

Although it's not for everyone, Casati's customers seem to be into it.

According to her caption, this ladybug has been embedded in the nail for six weeks.

It seems like ladybugs are a popular choice.

Snakeskin creates a pretty recognizable pattern. It's definitely not an everyday look, but as dramatic nails get more popular, I have a feeling we'll be seeing more out-there trends like this.

To check out all of Casati's incredible work, check out her Instagram account here.