This YouTuber Tested A Transfer-Proof Foundation On A White Shirt & It Didn't Go Well

Finding a fully transfer-proof foundation is basically like finding a unicorn. Unlike unicorns, however, some transfer-proof formulas do exist. However, someone's got to put them to the test, right? This YouTuber tested CoverGirl's transfer-proof foundation on her partner's white shirt, and the results were kind of hilarious if a bit disappointing.

In case you haven't been following the latest news in drug store makeup, Covergirl just released a brand new foundation in a huge range of foundation shades. It's super inclusive and about time. Altogether, the new base features 40 total shades. In fact, the range features just as many hues as Fenty Beauty during its original launch. Of course, the move toward a wider range of shades is incredible, and fans were clearly excited about the release. The foundation has more going for it than just that, though. The brand's new True Blend Matte Made formula has also got some pretty hefty claims to go along with that shade range.

According to the brand, Matte Made is pore minimizing, oil controlling, has a 12-hour wear, and is transfer-resistant. Plus, being from the drugstore, it cost under $9. Talk about a steal, right? It's the transfer-resistant claim, however, that seemed to intrigue YouTuber RachhLoves (aka Rachel) the most during her time testing the new launch.

Rachel explains that she was intially drawn to the foundation after attending a launch event where a model in a white shirt tested the transfer-resistant claim, and it totally worked. No foundation came off. Of course, any good beauty guru is going to test out all of the claims of a foundation, and Rachel's no different.

Rachel applied the foundation using an Artis brush, and she initially liked the finish and how it set on her face. After building up to a medium coverage, she decided to use her husband as a makeup guinea pig. It honestly didn't go so well, but it was pretty funny.

Unfortunately, the foundation did transfer. While an argument can be made that she rubbed her face into his shirt, there are other portions of the foundation stain that were simply pressed into the white fabric. Plus, the promo for the brand featured the same sort of rubbing motion, so Rachel is totally on point here.

Just because Rachel's transfer-proof test was a funny fail doesn't mean that the foundation as a whole isn't great. The guru still finished up the rest of her makeup and did a full wear test on the new Covergirl product. Her thoughts? She was a fan! While the product may not be totally transfer-resistant, its other claims definitely hold up.

Rachel, however, isn't the only YouTuber to test out the new Covergirl foundation. Others are trying to see if the foundation lives up to it claims. All of the reviews may help you decide if you want to give it a try yourself.

YouTuber Saaammage tests out the foundation with a different application technique than Rachel. Instead of a brush, she uses a sponge to apply the product.

MakeupShayla was less concerned with the transfer-proof claim. She wanted to know what the coverage looked like and how matte it would keep her skin.

Thataylaa was excited to see Covergirl expand the shade range as with her pale skin, wearing the brand has been problematic in the past. She explains how the foundation wears over time and how it sits on her post-Accutane dry skin.

If the new Covergirl foundation sounds right up your alley with its matte finish and pore reducing promises, it may be worth a shot. For under $9, it's also a total steal, and who doesn't want to support a super inclusive launch? The only thing you may want to watch out for? Really tight hugs from people.