40 Detailed Reviews Of Every Single Fenty Foundation Shade


In the world of product launches, it may just be safe to say that no one can do it like Rihanna. Although, no one can do anything quite like Rihanna, so it's a bit of an unfair advantage. Regardless, though, Fenty Beauty's Pro Filt'r Foundation has made a massive impact in the beauty world with its incredible range of shades — a 40 whopping hues. Other cosmetics companies should be shaking in their boots, and upping their shade inclusivity.

But with all that hype in mind, should you spend your dollars on the Fenty foundation? Will you like the finish and the formula? Will it really match your super specific shade?

There's only one way to get a good idea, and that's beauty vlogger reviews.

YouTube and Instagram beauty vloggers are some of the most prolific (and honest) reviewers on the internet. Given the sheer amount of hype that Fenty Beauty generated, it makes total sense that the foundation reviews would be plenty. The best part, though? Every beauty vlogger can get their hands on a shade for them. And that means there is guaranteed to be a review in your hue.

With 40 foundations during her initial launch, Rihanna ensured that if you want to rock Fenty Beauty, you can. Check out these 40 people who tried the 40 shades of Fenty Beauty to decide if the foundation is right for you.

Shade 100

Shade 100 is only the beginning of Fenty Beauty.

Shade 110

Is the formula right for you? Hollie Forrest lets you know her thoughts.

Shade 120

If you're pale with neutral undertones, could this be your shade?

Shade 130

This review may be in French, seeing the foundation in action is the most important thing.

Shade 140

Exactly how matte is this foundation? Sarah Sapphirine will give you the breakdown.

Shade 150

How does the foundation wear, though? Here's all you need to know.

Shade 160

Introducing Shade 160, Fenty fans.

Shade 170

How does the foundation work with a beauty blender? Check it out.

Shade 180

How natural does the foundation look? Stephanie Hemphil breaks down the coverage.

Shade 190

Rayton mixed her shades, but 190 is her natural hue. Plus, Rayton gets you up close and personal with the foundation on her skin.

Shade 200

Karen O loves the water-based formula of Fenty.

Shade 210

How does the Fenty foundation sit on acne-prone skin? Lindsey Rose lets you know.

Shade 220

How long wearing is Fenty Beauty on oily skin? Alexandra breaks it down in a wear test for shade 220.

Shade 230

Pro-tip: Work quickly with this foundation, according to Manny MUA.

Shade 240

Make sure you prep your skin before rocking this foundation, too.

Shade 250

Curious about the undertones? Rumena talks about how she loves the yellow undertone of 250.

Shade 260

Tati took a different route and applied part of her face with a Clarisonic brush.

Shade 270

Is the Pro Filt'r really a filter for your face? Here's the final verdict.

Shade 280

Fenty Pro Filt'r may be matte, but is it drying?

Shade 290

290 looks gorgeous on Raven Elyse, especially with that Trophy Wife highlight.

Shade 300

Laura Lee definitely approves.

Shade 310

Chloé breaks down shade 310.

Shade 320

No one can get over how stunning this finish is.

Shade 330

Don't be afraid to get creative with mixing shades to get your exact, exact match.

Shade 340

340 isn't Desi's exact shade, but hello, gorgeous finish.

Shade 350

Sonjdra discussed just how versatile Pro Filt'r can be.

Shade 360

Teaira's review is also a love letter to Rihanna. Obviously.

Shade 370

Where is the petition to make Alissa Ashley part of the official Fenty campaign?

Shade 380

Maya doesn't usually talk specifically about makeup product launches, but for Fenty, she made an exception.

Shade 390

Apparently, we should all be giving the Fenty sponge a try, too.

Shade 400

C Key is one of the most knowledgable vloggers on YouTube, and you can always trust her opinion.

Shade 410

Makeupshayla lays out the soft finish of the foundation.

Shade 420

Aina tested both 410 and 420.

Shade 430

Kiitana is giving you a full face of Fenty.

Shade 450

Debbie is a fan of the full coverage.

Shade 460

Patricia Bright's excitement is basically everyone fangirling over Fenty right now.

Shade 460

Will a brush or sponge give you better coverage? Tatenda lets you know.

Shade 470

Leonore was skeptical, but she's a believer now.

Shade 480

Shoutout for netural undertones.

Shade 490

Nyma is a go-to for honest reviews on "the darkest shade," and she lets you know how she feels about Fenty Beauty.

If you were unsure of Fenty Beauty's Pro Filt'r Foundation, there's no reason to be. With gurus of all shades reviewing the product, you've got an up closer and detailed review of every single shade.

The general consensus? Rihanna crushed it. Now, get to Sephora.