Thoughtful Gift Ideas For the Mothers Of The Soon-To-Be Newlyweds

by Caitlin Morrison

Next time you have a loved one's wedding to attend, be sure to pay tribute to the women who raised them. After all, weddings are a big deal for mothers, too — right up there with giving birth and sending kids off to college for the first time. Marriage means the beginning of new family. They’re welcoming a son or daughter into their life, while also watching their child branch off to start a household of their own.

My mother was a ball of sentimentality around the time my older sister got married. Her best friend gave her a shadow box shortly after the wedding, which I thought was odd. But now, I'm a little bummed I didn't think of it myself! My mom filled the case with mementos from my sister’s and her wife’s special day: the invitation and save the date, a photo from their engagement shoot, a program from the ceremony, and dried flowers from the centerpiece. It now hangs prominently in my parents' house, serving as a reminder of that beautiful day.

That’s just one idea, for all you crafty types out there. If that's not your style, here are my other top gift ideas for mothers of the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Commemorative Jewelry

The first rule of gift giving is you can never go wrong with jewelry. Give her something timeless, like a personalized locket. Put a picture of her child as a youngster on one side; leave the other side blank to add a picture from the wedding day.

Photo Album

It's natural for wedding days to feel a little bittersweet for moms, since they're “officially” sending their child off into adulthood. Give the gift of nostalgia. Have a custom photo album made filled with pictures of family traditions and milestones, including parents' and grandparents' own weddings.

Spa Gift Certificate

The months leading up to the wedding can wear on the nerves of any mom, whether she's heavily involved with the planning or not. Remind her that she deserves to pamper herself with a gift card to a spa. It's a perfectly indulgent way to unwind after the stress of the big day.

A Journal

A sturdy, leather-bound journal makes an excellent gift prior to the wedding, so she can record her thoughts leading up to the event. Giving this as a gift the day of the bridal shower is a lovely gesture, especially if you're a member of the wedding party.

Garden Supplies

Spas aren’t for everyone. Some people (my mom being one of them!) prefer to decompress by working with their hands and being outdoors. If that’s the sort of mom you’re dealing with, garden supplies are a great way to go. Present them in a durable canvas bag that she can get dirty.

Sentimental Artwork

When in doubt, go super sentimental. Give her something beautiful that she can hang on the wall to always be reminded of that special day.

Monogrammed Weekender Bag

I have a theory: Weekender bags are something that everyone kind of needs, but often don't think to buy for themselves. In my opinion, that's the formula for a perfect gift. Make the bag extra special by having it monogrammed.

And Of Course, WINE

Wine always makes a lovely gesture. Find out if she's more of a white or red person, and make a gift basket of your top picks for her to add to her collection — or consume immediately (see aforementioned stress-relieving gifts).