Thousands Of Amazon Prime Members Are Obsessed With These 41 Brilliant Products Under $25


Following the crowd isn't always the best idea. (Cue the age-old question: if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?) But when it comes to shopping, it's worth paying attention to what the crowd is doing. For example, if a product has thousands of devotees, it's a pretty good tip-off that it's worth your money — like all these brilliant products on Amazon Prime under $25.

From a personal humidifier you can pack in your suitcase to a long-lasting face primer that makes your pores virtually invisible to a cleaning gadget designed to scrub the corners of your shower — all these products come backed by legions of fans, so you can feel confident about opening up your wallet and shelling out your hard-earned cash.

And since all these products are available on Amazon Prime, they can be on your doorstep within two days.

Ready for more? Scroll through for products that'll actually make you glad you followed the crowd.


This Rack So You Don't Have To Lift Up All Your Pans To Get To The One At The Bottom

Do you know how you have to lift up every single pan to get to the biggest pan at the bottom? It's annoying but lucky for you — this pan organizing rack is the solution to that. It fits in your kitchen cupboard or right on your countertop and has space to hold five pans when it's set up vertically or four pans when setup horizontally. Get one to organize pot lids too.


These Scrubbing Brushes That Work To Deep Clean Your House

Get your home squeaky clean with these deep-cleaning scrubbing brushes. The set comes with two brushes; use the larger one to scrub grout, shower doors, and stovetops, and use the smaller brush to scrub tight spaces and fixtures, like your bathroom and kitchen faucets. The smaller brush even has a wiping blade at the opposite end that scrapes out grime from sink drains. The brushes feature non-slip grips and curved thumb pads, so you can get down and dirty while you scrub without cramping up your hand.


An Extendable Tile Scrubber So You Can Clean Your Entire Shower

Get your entire shower clean without breaking a sweat with this extendable tub and tile scrubber. The scrubber extends from 26 to 42 inches, so you can reach the tip-top of the shower without hauling out a step ladder, and the angled head means you can effectively clean all the corners and crevices. The scrubbing sponge is abrasive enough to remove grime, and it's antimicrobial — so it won't harbor germs.


A Vitamin C Cleanser That Improves The Condition Of Your Skin

Vitamin C isn't just good for preventing colds — it's also good for your face, working to reduce the appearance of sunspots, while promoting collagen protection and leaving skin protected against environmental pollution. This vitamin C cleanser is rounded out by other skin-nourishing ingredients, like exfoliating sugarcane extract, moisturizing coconut water and aloe, and acne-fighting and pore-unclogging green tea extract. Wash with this for a complexion that's fresh, even, and hydrated.


These Mesh Produce Bags That Are Better For The Environment Than Plastic Bags

Forego the plastic produce bags you take off the roll at the grocery store and use these eco-friendly reusable produce bags instead. Made from nylon mesh, the bags are durable and washable and allow produce to breathe — unlike plastic. Each set comes with five bags, so you'll have plenty of space for all your fruits and veggies.


6.This Reusable Food Pouch For On-The-Go Snacking

This reusable food pouch is super squeezable, making it the perfect option for taking apple sauce, yogurt, baby food, and beverages anywhere. The lid is totally leakproof, so you don't have to worry about drips while you squeeze. Made from BPA-free silicone, the pouch is freezer- and dishwasher-safe.


An Airtight Food Storage Bag You Can Use Again And Again

This reusable food storage bag is a great alternative to one-use plastic bags. Made from BPA-free silicone, the bag features a pinch-lock airtight seal that keeps food fresh. And it's totally leakproof, so you can even store sauces and marinades without fear of drips. The bag is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and can even be used in boiling water to cook sous vide.


This Aloe Vera Spray That Soothes And Softens Skin

Sourced from fresh-cut aloe leaves grown in southern Texas, this highly-rated aloe vera spray is one of the purest on the market. The fast-absorbing spray can be used to remedy all types of skin concerns; use it to moisturize, soothe burns, relieve itching, reduce irritation, treat acne, nourish nails, and soften heels. You can even use it on your scalp to reduce itching, dandruff, and dryness.


An Insulated Neoprene Lunch Tote With A Cool Design

This insulated neoprene lunch bag will keep your egg salad sandwich chilled until the noon hour rolls around. The stretchy bag is big enough to accommodate a full-size lunch, and the handle on top makes it easy to tote around. Choose from 13 designs, like a desert scene, a forest of birch trees, mermaid print, or the orange and turquoise sunset pictured here.


A Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug That's Totally Leakproof

This travel mug is outfitted with auto-seal technology that makes it completely leakproof, and when you're ready to sip —just press the button to unlock for one-handed drinking. Made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel, the mug keeps coffee and tea hot for up to 5 hours, and cold beverages chilled for up to 12 hours. The mug is perfectly-sized for car cup holders and single-serve coffee makers and is available in 20 color options, like dark plum, earl grey, and matte black.


A Retinol Moisturizer That Promotes Skin Cell Renewal

Retinol is one of the best skin care ingredients because it actually works to stimulate skin cell renewal, resulting in a fresher, brighter, smoother, firmer complexion. This retinol moisturizer also includes hydrating shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, as well as antioxidant-rich green tea to keep skin protected. One reviewer writes, "Within a few days of using this moisturizer I noticed a more even skin tone and a radiance to my face," and another says it "actually works to brighten up dark spots!"


These Versatile Storage Cubes That Can Fit Under Your Bed

Keep towels, linens, hair tools, toys, and craft supplies neatly stored away with this set of six storage cubes. The lightweight, durable cubes are just the right size for closets and under-the-bed spaces and collapse flat when not in use. Grab hold of the sewn-in handles and you can easily transport the cubes from room to room. Choose from colors like red, beige, and gray.


A Soy Candle That Smells Just Like Fresh Laundry

Laundry day can be a drag, but nothing beats the smell of clean laundry. Capture that bury-your-head-in-a-pile-of-towels feeling with this "fresh linen"-scented soy candle. The handcrafted, eco-friendly candle has an extra-long burn time, and if you're not into the clean-laundry smell, you can opt for other scents, like wild lemongrass, sugared pecans, or fine suede.


A Portable Bluetooth Speaker That's Also Waterproof

This portable Bluetooth speaker is totally waterproof, which means you can sing along to your favorite tunes in the shower. A suction cup lets you mount it directly to the shower wall, but you can also use the carabiner to hook it to your backpack if you want to take it along on a camping trip. The speaker plays for up to six hours on one charge, and a built-in speaker lets you take calls.


This Slow-Roasted Coffee With Double The Caffeine

Get double the caffeine buzz with this double-strength coffee. The extra strength is naturally achieved through Death Wish's slow roasting process and combination of organic, fair-trade Arabica and Robusta beans. The result is a smooth, bold cup of coffee with notes of cherry and chocolate. The coffee comes already ground, so you can get your caffeine jolt as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. Reviewers say the coffee has "a really high-quality crema, deep and rich flavor, no bitter notes at all" and that it's "just the right amount of caffeine to wake me up without making me shaky."


A Highly-Rated Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray Made With Essential Oils

Boasting a ridiculously high 4.8 stars, this yoga mat cleaner is a crowd favorite. The all-natural, non-toxic mist is formulated with essential oils that clear away dirt, sweat, dust, and odor-causing germs — without leaving any sticky or slippery residue behind. Choose from seven scents, like lavender, eucalyptus, and sweet rose. Bonus: each yoga detox spray comes with a complimentary microfiber cleaning towel.


This Set Of 6 Color-Coded Knives For All Your Slicing Needs

With six knives, this colorful knife set from Cuisinart covers all the bases: a chef knife, slicing knife, serrated bread knife, santoku knife, utility knife, and paring knife. Featuring stainless steel cutting edges, the knives are coated in non-stick ceramic and color-coded to prevent cross-contamination (i.e., you won't accidentally slice up a tomato with the knife you just used to debone a chicken). Protective covers keep the blades in good condition when you're not using them.


This One-Line-A-Day Journal That You'll Actually Use

If you want to journal more but are squeezed for time, this one line a day journal is for you. Requiring just a couple minutes of your time, the journal gives you the chance to provide a quick snapshot of your day with just one sentence. Every page of the five-year journal has entry space for five successive years, so you can revisit memories from years past and reflect on your journey. Reach for this between brushing your teeth and heading to bed to jot down a quick thought, feeling, or event from each day.


A Clothing Steamer So You Don't Have To Go To The Hassle Of Ironing

This handheld clothing steamer lets you get the wrinkles out of dresses, shirts, and pants without having to go to the trouble of ironing. Plus, it's small enough to pack in your suitcase and heats up within two minutes — perfect if you lose track of time and need to rush out the door. This reviewer writes, "I LOVE that I no longer need to use an ironing board!! This steamer has some serious power to it and actually makes laundry fun and efficient."


These Delicious Gummy Vitamins So That You'll Actually Want To Take Your Vitamins

These gummy vitamins for adults are so much more fun than swallowing a bunch of pills. The naturally-flavored fruit gummies are packed with nutrients specifically designed to boost women's health: vitamin D3 for immunity, vitamin K for bone health, vitamin B12 for energy, CoQ10 for heart health, Omega-3 fish oil for brain functioning — and more. Not a woman? Check out the gummy vitamins for men's health. The gluten-free vitamins are non-GMO and free of common allergens.


A Matte Face Primer That Reviewers Say Lasts All Day

With over 3,000 rave reviews, this cult-favorite matte face primer is the perfect base for your foundation. The all-day formula keeps away shine, while minimizing pores and smoothing skin. And it's sweat-proof, so no sweat if you, well, sweat. Reviewers say the texture is "velvety" and keeps makeup locked in place for up to 16 hours. The primer is cruelty-free and paraben-free.


A Phone Stand That's Sturdy Also Sturdy Enough To Hold Tablets

This compact phone stand is just the right size for smartphones, but it's also sturdy enough to hold bigger tablets. Made from solid aluminum, the stand can hold phones and tablets both vertically and horizontally, and comes in colors like rose gold, gray, black, and red. A non-slip base keeps it from sliding around, and the hole in the back lets you thread your charging cord through. Put it on your desk to FaceTime hands-free or put it on your kitchen counter to read a recipe directly from your phone.


A 2,000-Recipe Cookbook That Also Helps You Perfect Your Technique

With 2,000 recipes, How to Cook Everything will teach you to cook, well, just about everything. The bestselling cookbook emphasizes straightforward recipes with fresh and natural ingredients. It's also a great self-teaching tool; the book has dozens of guides that teach you different slicing techniques, what various types of mushrooms taste like, which herbs go with what dishes, how to use an immersion blender — and more. It's perfect for beginners, as well as pros looking to perfect their techniques and expand their repertoires.


These Workout Tank Tops That'll Keep You Feeling Cool

Keep cool while you work up a sweat with these super soft and lightweight workout tanks. Each set comes with three racerback tanks with extra-big arm cutouts (for maximum airflow) in muted color combos like pumpkin, charcoal, mint, and lavender. The moisture-wicking tops fall to the hip and are comfy enough to wear while you're lounging at home too.


This Book That'll "Kick You Into Gear" So You Can Achieve Your Goals

Rachel Hollis' followup to her bestselling self-help book, Girl, Wash Your Face, Girl, Stop Apologizing aims to encourage women to embrace and achieve their goals... shame-free. In the book, Hollis challenges women to take their dreams seriously and stop defining themselves in relation to other people (mother, wife, daughter, employee). This reader writes, "This book will be a great addition to anyone’s library but especially if you’ve been feeling like you need someone to politely kick you into gear. Rachel tells us over and over in this book how we all have an important role in this life and that we shouldn’t be afraid to live it out."


A Pop-Up Hamper That's Folds Down Into The Size Of A Disc For Traveling

This pop-up laundry hamper is the perfect solution to the problem of where-to-throw-your-dirty-clothes-when-you're-traveling. The full-size hamper folds up flat into a compact disc that you can pack in your suitcase, then pops out into a full-size, stand-up hamper you can put in the corner of your hotel room. Made from breathable mesh, the hamper is super durable and features handles on each side so you can easily haul it to the laundry room.


A Germ-Fighting Mouthwash Made With Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Detoxify teeth, prevent gingivitis, rinse away germs, and freshen breath with this activated charcoal mouthwash. The black-colored mouthwash (yep) is made with sustainably-sourced bamboo charcoal and rounded out with antibacterial tea tree oil and gum-moisturizing coconut oil and aloe vera. The formula is all-natural and free of alcohol and fluoride. And with three bottles in each order, you won't have to reorder anytime soon.


These Throw Pillow Covers That'll Inject Some Style Into Your Sofa

These throw pillow covers can instantly update the decorative pillows sitting on your bed or sofa. The soft, textured covers are made from 100 percent velvet, and feature a hidden zipper closure. And they're machine-washable, so you don't have to worry about spills. Choose from 10 colors, like cream, moonlight, blue, or the cheerful primrose yellow pictured here.


A Synergistic Blend Of Essential Oils That'll Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep

Add this essential oil for sleeping to your nighttime routine, and you'll drift off the minute your head hits the pillow. The synergistic blend is made with lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile, bergamot, ylang ylang, sandalwood, key lime, and vanilla to ease stress, promote restful sleep, improve mood, and encourage feelings of relaxation. Dab this on your wrists or temples or add it to an essential oil diffuser and breathe in deeply.


These Compression Socks That Help Ease Foot Pain

Relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, or long hour spent standing, walking or running with these highly-rated compression socks. The sleeve-style socks feature targeted ribbing to promote circulation and speed up recovery, so your feet start feeling better fast. They're moisture-wicking, lightweight, and comfortable enough to wear during activity. Choose from four sizes and nine colors.


A Thickening Spray That Gives Major Body To Fine Or Thin Hair

Pump up the volume of your tresses with this hair thickening spray. The lightweight, non-sticky formula adds dramatic volume and body to hair that's fine, thinning, or over-processed. Just spritz it on barely damp hair and allow to air-dry or blow-dry for extra lift. Hair won't be weighed down, and the results will last all day. This reviewer says that the spray "gives my long hair fullness, texture, body, and prevents it from going flat."


These Popsicle Molds For Fruit Pops And Pudding Pops

Make fruity, frozen treats at home with these reusable popsicle molds. Just use the funnel to pour juice directly into the molds, then place them in the tip-proof tray and let freeze. Once frozen, the popsicles are easy to slide out of the molds. Use them to make chocolatey pudding pops too.


33.This Organizer That'll Clear The Clutter From Your Desk

Straighten up a messy desk with the help of this desk organizer. The desktop organizer has five dividers to hold files and notebooks upright, a middle tray for letters and need-to-grab-fast office supplies, and a slide-out drawer with three compartments for smaller items, like post-its, paperclips, pens, and whiteout. Choose from black and silver color options.


This Luxurious Bath Robe Made From Super Soft Microfiber

Step out of the shower and into this plush, spa-style bathrobe. The super-soft robe is made with brushed microfiber and features a textured herringbone pattern. It falls to the knee and features a sash closure and large front pocket. The machine-washable robe is available in six colors, like white, blue, and deep coral pink.


These Basketweave Kitchen Towels That Are A Kitchen Essential

These basketweave kitchen towels feature classic striping that makes them look like they came right out of a French farmhouse. The 100 percent cotton towels are machine-washable and feature sewn-on loops for hanging. Choose from eight color options, and use them to wipe down countertops and dry dishes.


This Shea Butter Lip Balm That Delivers Intense Moisture And Protection

Revive dry, chapped lips with this intensely hydrating lip balm. The gel-like formula is made with a blend of ultra-moisturizing shea butter and vitamin E, along with antioxidant-rich green tea to offer long-lasting protection. The SPF-25 balm also offers broad-spectrum sun protection, shielding lips from both UVA and UVB rays. Swipe this on before heading out in the morning and keep it in your purse for lip-soothing touch-ups throughout the day.


This Amazing Sunhat That Won't Lose Its Shape When You Pack It In Your Suitcase

This packable hat is perfect if you're traveling somewhere sunny, but don't want to crush a sunhat in your suitcase. The wide-brimmed, Panama-style hat rolls up — and then unrolls once you reach your destination, without losing its shape. A pull-string on the interior of the hat lets you adjust the size, so you can get a snug, comfortable fit. The hat is available in a variety of neutrals, like white, khaki, brown, and black.


These Stemless Wine Glasses That Are Virtually Unbreakable

These classic wine glasses are stemless and shatter-resistant, so you don't have to worry about them tipping over and breaking. The durable glasses are also dishwasher safe, which means you don't have to hand-wash at the end of the night. Each set comes with four glasses — invite your friends over to share a bottle on the back patio.


This Personal Humidifier That Uses A Water Bottle To Moisturize The Air

Moisturize the air wherever you are with this ingenious travel humidifier. The compact humidifier is small enough to stash in your purse, and when you're ready to use it — you simply insert the mouth of a standard-sized water bottle into the opening of the humidifier to release a cool mist. Charge the cordless humidifier via battery or USB and set the timer for it to go off after two, four, or six hours.


A Car Trunk Organizer So That Things Don't Roll Around When You Take A Sharp Turn

If you've got a collection of items rolling around in your car trunk, use this car trunk organizer to keep things tidy. The durable fabric organizer features two large compartments, three smaller mesh pockets, and folds down when not in use. Use it to store a first aid kit, car trouble supplies, or simply to hold your groceries upright after you go to the store.

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