This New Eyeliner Highlighter Will Hide Your Itchy, Red Allergy Eyes

Thrive Causemetics

As much as everyone waxes poetic about summer, it's sometimes a rough go Allergies get your eyes red, long nights make you wake up with puffy, small eyes, and all that raging AC can make your complexion dull. But one vegan beauty brand has the fix. Thrive Causemetics' Brilliant Eye Brightener is a cream-to-powder highlighter that will fix all of your eye-related woes.

The long-lasting, waterproof formula diffuses light to brighten and open the eyes, and it neutralizes eye redness when applied directly to the waterline. If you wake up and notice that your eyes are small and irritated, this pencil will help you neutralize those effects. It's the perfect product to pop into your purse if you're suffering from allergies, and it will be your holy grail for those days you feel tired or run down. It's an instant lift-me-up.

The Brilliant Eye Brightener comes in four shades. Mieko is a soft shimmer pink, Emma is a copper shimmer, Aurora is a rose gold shimmer, and Stella is a champagne shimmer.

The highlighter is also packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients, which will further help any of your tired-eye problems.

It is infused with macadamia and meadowfoam oil to hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Mango seed oil conditions the skin and stabilizes the skin lipid barrier, and sunflower seed oil is full of vitamin-rich antioxidants that help to reduce fine lines.

There are plenty of ways you can use the Brilliant Eye Brightener pencil. You can use it in the lower lashline, yes, but you can also use it as an upper liner if you want to make your eyes bigger. It can also be applied to the browbone to open up the face more. You can use it on the lids like a subtle shimmer eyeshadow, or do the old highlighting technique of dabbing the color into the inner and outer corners of the eye for an instant eye lift.

Thrive Causemetics

The founder, Karissa Bodnar, also has some ideas. "You can use it to highlight your lips by applying it to the cupid's bow. You can also use it to prime your lids by applying it to the eyelids to prevent eyeshadow from creasing and promote all-day wear," Bodnar tells Bustle. Bodnar also pointed out that you can use it as luminous body shimmer by applying it on the collarbone, chest, and tops of shoulders to catch the light and add a little sparkle.

"This eye brightener is perfect for when you don't sleep enough (which is like daily for me). Put it under your brow and lower lashes and it makes your eyes look fresh and awake. Definitely will be buying this again," one reviewer shared on Thrive Causemetics.

"This is my ‘I got 9 hours of sleep last night’ secret and instant eyelift," another happy customer shared.

Thrive Causemetics is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. On top of that, philanthropy is part of the brand's core. It's why it's called "Cause-metics." For every product purchased, a donation is made to help a woman in need thrive.

For example, to celebrate Bodnar’s 30 birthday, Thrive Causemetics will be donating a record-setting $30,000,000 worth of its beauty products to more than 50 charities that support women in need.

If you feel like your eyes can use a little extra pop this summer season, check out Thrive's Brilliant Eye Brightener.