Thrive Causemetics Is Donating $40 Million Worth Of Product To Women's Charities Over Only 15 Days

Thrive Causemetics/Instagram

When it comes to brands giving back, it may be hard to top Thrive Causemetics. The beauty brand founded by Karissa Bodnar doesn't just create products people love (including beauty gurus), but they give back to the world as well. Now, Thrive Causemetics is donating $40 million worth of product to women's charities over only 15 days.

On June 26, Thrive launched their brand new Brilliant Eye Brightener, and as part of the launch the brand is donating $10 million worth of product. The new launch is a stick formula cream highlighter that can be used to accentuate everything from the brow bone to the inner corner to the cupid's bow. While the new brightener may come in a cream stick, it transforms into a powder once used and is waterproof, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The new Brilliant Eye Brightener comes in four different shades including a shimmer pink, copper tone, rose gold, and champagne hues. Retailing for $24, the sticks launched on June 26. While exciting to fans of the brand, the best part is the donation. The massive $10 million worth of products is set to go to over 50 organizations that support women's causes. Talk about giving back for a cause, right? If you've ever wondered where the brand's name came from, that's it.

Courtesy of Thrive Causemetics

The brand will be donating products to charities such as women's domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, organizations that assist women battling cancer, and more. The $10 million in product tied to the launch of the Brilliant Eye Brightener, however, isn't the brand's only major donation coming up.

According to the brand, the $10 million is only the beginning of its giving over the next 15 days. Thrive Causemetics founder Karissa Bodnar began the brand four years ago in her one bedroom apartment, and she always had giving in mind when she began her cosmetics career. When Thrive first launched, the brand worked on a one for one basis, giving a product every time one was purchased. Now, the brand is able to do much more.

Bodnar is turning 30 on July 9, and she and her brand aren't letting the occasion go unmarked. For her birthday, Thrive will be donating an additional $30 million in product to over 50 organizations including RAINN, Upward Bound House, and Share Cancer Support. In total, Bodnar and Thrive Causemetics will be making $40 million in donations in just 15 days.

Courtesy of Thrive Causemetics

In a press release, Bodnar explains the decision to donate $30 million in products for her 30 birthday saying, "Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me, looking back on the year past and setting new goals for the year to come. This year, Thrive Causemetics reached new heights as a business, allowing us to give more than ever before to women in need, and for the first time to our community following the California Wildfires. On top of that, building the culture we have built and sharing the passion of our mission with our team and customers has been incredibly rewarding to me. So as I plan for what’s next on this milestone birthday, my hope is that we can help change the world (even if in the tiniest way) through our giving, and that this team and our community continues to support our mission so we can continue spreading kindness to the people who need it most.”

Courtesy of Thrive Causemetics

If you want to shop Thrive Causemetics' new Brilliant Eye Brightener, you can do so knowing that your purchase is helping donate product to other women. Whether you're shopping the new launch or just shopping the brand as a whole, Thrive and founder Karissa Bodnar are making sure that your money isn't just getting you good products, it's going to a good cause as well.