Tie-Dye Kimoji Merch Is Perfect For Summer

by Kali Borovic

Another season, another Kimoji merch line. While creator Kim Kardashian normally sticks to minimalist designs and all-black outfits, she's switching it up by adding some color. The Summer 2017 Kimoji merch line is all about tie-dye, and fans are loving it. From hats and tees to accessories, be prepared for a '90s flashback with these fashion staples.

Although she took a little break from her merch line for a few months, Kardashian went all out for her summer collection. There's unconventional items like giant butt-shaped floaty and flasks, but the real winners are all the tie-dyed clothing items. All good trends come back, and this is one of them. Think of this line as a modern, somewhat sassy, take on your favorite childhood outfits.

Although there aren't tons of outfit options this time around, the items in the line are getting fans excited. There's a pastel tie-dye t-shirt with a middle finger on it and a camper hat that says "WYA?". Bold and sassy, in true Kardashian form. Of course, these items will cost you though. The shirt is priced at $40, while the hat is $45. If you're looking for tie-dye for less, you'll have to opt for the two tie-dye phone cases that are $28 each.

Tie Dye Embroidered Middle Finger Tee, $40,

Pastels are in for spring when it comes to makeup, and it looks like it's the same for fashion as well. This might not be the outfit you'd want to wear for Easter Sunday if you celebrate it, but it's definitely great for the season. As of Apr. 5 at 10 a.m. ET, the only size sold out is XL.

WYA? Tie Dye Camper Hat, $45,

Like I said before, fans are loving the summer merch line. Between the clothing an accessories, something tells me that these items won't be in-stock for long (but is any Kimoji merch?). Here's what people have to say about the line.

They're too good to pass up.

You can't help but love it!

Welcome back, tie dye.

Okay, so not everyone is thrilled.

But seriously, how does she come up with this stuff?

Bottom line: you should get to shopping, if you want these items in your wardrobe.