Tiffany Trump Quotes Of Melania Are Few & Far Between

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Chances are that if you ever embark on a journey to find what one of Donald Trump's daughters has to say about the current first lady, their stepmom, you may not find much. In the case of Tiffany Trump, the quotes about Melania Trump that she's made in public are few and very far between.

In one rare case, Tiffany wished Melania a happy birthday in April 2018. But the message itself, displayed in an Instagram story, was fleeting; Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. Still, screenshots exist, and the Daily Mail shared the photo that Tiffany posted of her, Melania, and President Trump on the first lady's birthday. Under the photo, Tiffany wrote, "Happy Birthday @flotus Love you!"

Weeks before that, the two had one of their few public interactions as well. Tiffany and Melania were seen celebrating Easter festivities together at the White House. As her father addressed the press (seizing the chance to criticize the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) cameras caught Tiffany blowing a kiss at Melania.

For some observers, Tiffany's overall silence may seem hard to ignore compared to how frequently the media covers her siblings, including Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Granted, her older siblings are more frequently in the news given their involvement with President Trump's work, but she does appear to be the more quiet of the bunch, as shown in the Trump family's ABC News interview in which Tiffany only occasionally chimes in.

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Photos spell a similar story. Tiffany is often seen in close proximity with Melania, but they're not pictured interacting with one another. This isn't to say that there is an icy feud between them or a complete absence of connection. If anything, these rare interactions show Tiffany expressing her affection for Melania.

One explanation for the lack of quotes from Tiffany about Melania might be that Trump's younger daughter treasures her privacy; last year, she began studying law at Georgetown University. So, it could be that Tiffany isn't seen in media talking about Melania or her family because she's preoccupied with completing her academic career, among other young adult pursuits.

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In her Instagram's main photos, Tiffany hasn't shared any photo of Melania apart one small photo in a collage dedicated to her father on Father's Day in 2013. It's the fourth photo in the collage showing Melania with Barron Trump. In the caption for her photo, Tiffany wrote, "Happy Father's Day dad! Love you!"

The president's daughter has, however, shared frequent photos alongside her mother, Trump's second wife Marla Maples. In one instance, Tiffany shared this photo of her mother and captioned it with "Happy Mother's Day! @itsmarlamaples I'm so blessed to have such an inspiring and loving mother like you!"

People curious about Tiffany's relationship with Melania may have to keep waiting for the president's daughter to share her thoughts beyond the occasional Instagram story. Given that both women share proximity — one being the president's daughter and the other his current wife — it may be a surprise to observers that neither Tiffany nor Melania have said much about each other, at least publicly.