Timothée Chalamet's New Movie Trailer Just Dropped & Fans Already Can't Stop Meme-ing It

A24; ashleymac31/Twitter

With his new movie, Timothée Chalamet has become the living embodiment of the "get you a man who can do both" meme. The trailer for Chalamet's new movie Hot Summer Nights from A24, which is also the distributor behind his movie Lady Bird, combines your two favorite genres in a rather unexpected way. Chalamet's first movie since Call Me By Your Name is a coming-of-age thriller, that yes, does get pretty hot and steamy — not to mention scary. Seriously, what can't Chalamet do?

Like CMBYN, in Hot Summer Nights, Chalamet is once again coming into his own over the course of a summer. This time, it's one spent in Cape Cod where he's been sent to stay with his aunt. "You're sending me away for the summer," Chalamet says. "What a cliché."

But, that's where the old movie clichés stop. The film, written and directed by Elijah Bynum, focuses on Daniel (Chalamet) a shy teen who gets in way over his head after he starts selling weed with the town's resident bad boy (Siren's Alex Roe) and his sister, played by It Follows' Maika Monroe.

If you can believe it, Chalamet starts out as "the nerd," who no one wants to party with. Sure, sounds farfetched, but from the looks of the Hot Summer Nights trailer, Chalamet is a good enough actor to pull it off. Not to mention, he's good enough to pull off a whole wardrobe of striped polo shirts. But once he gets into the local drug business, Chalamet's Daniel is making out in public restrooms and becoming Cape Cod's Walter White.

When he starts running things, though, that's when things start to going very wrong for young Daniel. "You're not caught up in anything shady, right?" one young girl. It quickly becomes clear that he is, since the next cut of the trailer shows a gun being shot off by a man (William Fichtner) who looks like he really runs the drug game down in the Cape.

It's then that things clearly take a turn for the worst in Bynum's feature debut, which premiered at last year's SXSW. There's a menacing cop, a few tears, and so many flashing lights that you'll wonder if Chalamet's going to get out of this one alive.

The trailer's definitely got fans excited, so much in fact, that on Wednesday A24 joked: "To the @RealChalamet fans: your threatening tweets are no longer necessary! we are ~officially~ dropping the Hot Summer Nights trailer." At least, it seems like they're joking.

Luckily, fans seem happy with what they've seen. "Hot Summer Nights is about to be the best coming of age in 2018," one person tweeted. While another wrote, "We have been blessed."

Some people even liked the movie for non-Chalamet related reasons. "Okay but from the trailer Hot Summer Nights looks like it's going to have a really good soundtrack," they wrote. No word yet if L’Enfance Nue will be releasing something new for it. But, let's be honest, most just wanted to see more Timothée, who one person tweeted "will literally be the end of me."

Even more people were excited by one particular shot in the trailer, which shows Chalamet giving double middle fingers. "This is my new fav reaction pic," one person tweeted. "Damn @RealChalamet Hot Summer Nights is going to be wild asf," another wrote.

But, no matter what part you loved, A24 tweeted that "all the Timmy gifs from #HotSummerNights trailer are up on @GIPHY," adding, "Don't forget to breath."

No surprise, there were a lot of fans comparing it to Call Me By Your Name. With someone even theorizing Hot Summer Nights is the sequel in which Elio, heartbroken over Oliver, decides to become a rebel teenager.

As you might assume from its title, Hot Summer Nights will be out this summer, available on DirectTV starting June 28 before hitting theaters on July 27. Until then, you can replay this trailer over and over again to get your Chalamet fix. But, maybe don't harass the poor people over at A24, OK?