How 'Call Me By Your Name' Star Timothée Chalamet Found His Awards Season Soulmate

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We're in the midst of awards season, which means incredible movies, unforgettable fashion moments, and a new crop of breakout stars. And this season, the new face that everyone is talking about is that of the immensely talented and 2018 Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet. He had a role in not one but two Best Picture nominated movies, the delightful Lady Bird and the moving Call Me By Your Name. Lots of movie goers are crushing on Chalamet, hard. But is Hollywood's newest golden boy single? Who is Timotheé Chalamet dating?

Chalamet doesn't seem to be dating anyone, at the moment — if he is in a relationship, he's keeping it quiet. But the young star does have an interesting romantic history. Us Weekly reports that when he was attending Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City, he dated Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Leon. Though he's not been especially eager to answer questions about the relationship, as this interview with E! indicates, it seems like the two are still friends. During the interview, Chalamet revealed that while Leon hadn't seen Call Me By Your Name yet at the time of the interview, she was "excited" to see it. I don't know about you, but it seems to me like they still keep in touch.

Some fans might hope that Chalamet might begin a new romance with his Lady Bird co-star and fellow Oscar nominee, Saoirse Ronan. Though their onscreen romance was less than ideal, many fans seem to think that these two talented young actors should just get together already. After all, no one can seem to figure out how to pronounce either of their names. But #Cronan shippers might have to settle for appreciating their beautiful friendship, because it seems like the relationship between the two is strictly platonic. That doesn't mean that they don't provide fans with enough "aww" moments to last a lifetime. Recently, Chalamet presented Ronan with the Santa Barbara award during the The 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival at Arlington Theatre and they hugged for, like, a really long time. Sometimes friendship can be just as cute as romance.

Chalamet has been spending a lot of time with a romantic partnership lately— just not his own. Chalamet seems to be the perennial third-wheel, hanging out often with his Call Me By Your Name co-star, Armie Hammer, and Hammer's wife, Elizabeth Chambers. Chambers has been accompanying the two co-stars around throughout their press tour of the movie, and it seems that the three have really bonded over the whole experience.

Chambers described the first time she met Hammer's young co-star in an interview with W, and it seems that the trio really hit things off right away. She said:

"We were in Italy and had dinner together. You’re in a small Italian village so you’re just happy to be around anyone who speaks English, and especially if they are super cool on top of that. There were only four restaurants in this small little town. It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved."

And though Chalamet doesn't seem to have a romantic partner to share this awards season with, he has found someone who truly understands the experience of being catapulted into the awards circuit: Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya. “Get Out is one of my favorite movies of the year and Daniel has been the one person that I can consistently look at, lock eyes with, and ask, ‘What the f**k is happening right now?’ Because these are totally surreal environments to be in,” Chalamet said in an interview with Vanity Fair. It's great that these two relative newcomers can experience awards season chaos together.

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But even if Chalamet and Leon never get back together, or he and Ronan are destined to just be great friends, there are plenty of other people who would date him in a heartbeat. Just take a look at Twitter:

And many people's newest Man Crush Monday might soon become, impossibly, even more of a catch. Chalamet is nominated for Best Actor at this year's Oscars for his performance as Elio in Call Me By Your Name. If he takes home that gold statuette during Sunday's awards, he would become one of the youngest actors ever to do so.