Tom Brady Memes From This Year’s Super Bowl You Need To See

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

On Sunday, February 3, Super Bowl LIII brought you excitement, suspense, pride, shock, snacks(!), and cinematic commercials when the New England Patriots went head to head with the Los Angeles Rams. But if you're the president of your local Tom Brady fan club, you know that the day after the Super Bowl is just as big of a game day. Because the day after the Super Bowl is when the Tom Brady 2019 memes roll in on social media, allowing you to relive and immortalize Brady in all of his glory. The Super Bowl LIII might be over for this year, but all of Brady's quirks and charms will live on in .jpeg and GIF, eternally.

On Sunday, we cheered, we cried, we yelled, we held our breath, and now we can finally laugh because the internet never fails to disappoint when it comes to tweets, GIFs, and memes. With the Patriots taking home yet another shiny Super Bowl ring, with a final score of 13-3, Tom Brady took home his sixth Super Bowl win and was sure to deliver expression-packed meme opportunities, as he often does — and when you see this list of Super Bowl 2019 memes, I think you'll agree it was all worth it.

No matter how you feel about Tom Brady, whether you're here for the memes because you're hoping they make you feel even better about the Rams loss, or you're here because you love Tom Brady so much that four hours of live coverage wasn't nearly enough for you, we can revel together is the unifying effect of a good internet meme.

From the infamous #Selfiekid and every meme variation that came of him, to Brady's Zoolander-esque fashion coat-clad entrance, Super Bowl 2018 memes were pretty lit last year. I mean think about it, there are still edits of them trickling through the internet this year, which means they were even more memorable than the Super Bowl itself. So here's to a good Super Bowl that's over and done with, and a collection of Tom Brady memes that will easily live on until the next game.

The Numbers

For when you want to hit your followers with the big stats.

Ninth Time's A Charm

...except he actually kinda does.

Still Here

17 years later!

Doesn't Get Old

...unless you're sending this to a Ram's fan or two.

The Facts

When you want to give 'em just a friendly reminder on what the deal is.

The Gauntlet

Oh, and he surely did.

The Legend

When Tom Brady is your G.O.A.T.

"Thanks Coach"

When the Pats won, but you refuse to let every single one of your friends from New England forget this photo.

"Sorry Boss"

When you don't want the sixth Super Bowl win to go to your friends' heads.

He's Got 500 Blankets

When you're actually pretty neutral about Tom Brady, but can relate because you're always so cold.

Count 'Em

The numbers don't lie.

There you have it — Tom Brady memes for the Pats lovers, the Rams fans (or just massive Patriots haters), and all those people who honestly can't stop laughing at the thought of him wearing 500 blankets.