Tom Brady's Sad "Losing" Face Has Immediately Become A Meme & Twitter Is Being Relentless

Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Depending on which team you were rooting for, the 2018 Super Bowl was either a really great night or a miserable one. It was a close game, and fans of both teams were nervous until the very last second when the Philadelphia Eagles won it 41-33, beating the New England Patriots. I decided I was a fan of the Eagles once I found out the Patriots have won five Super Bowl games in recent years — I can't help but root for the underdog. If I'm being honest, I didn't really care about who would win. I'm mainly here for the Twitter reaction, and the memes about starting quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots losing the 2018 Super Bowl are almost too sad.

Regardless of the outcome, the memes would've been good, and the pre-game memes mocking the Eagles are proof of that. But because the Eagles brought down a team that many sports fans view as an unstoppable dynasty, the internet reaction is absolutely vicious. If you're a Patriots fan, you probably aren't in the mood to laugh right now, but they do say it's the best medicine. These Patriots memes may leave you wanting to give Brady a hug, regardless of which team you were rooting for.


Sad Pictures Of Tom Brady

It's not exactly nice to make fun of a guy when he's feeling down, but Tom Brady has it pretty good: Not only does he already have five Super Bowl rings — a world record, per Sports Illustrated — but he's also married to literal goddess Gisele Bündchen. That's probably why Twitter wasted no time mocking the quarterback.


But Really, Twitter Was Obsessed

Searching "Sad Tom Brady" on Twitter gets you a ton of results, and it's unclear whether people are happy to see an underdog win a championship or really hate Tom Brady. It seems like it's a bit of both.


And He Wasn't Getting Much Sympathy

Just in case you didn't believe me, I have to make it clear: Twitter was absolutely ruthless when it came to Brady's loss.


Some Of The Memes Were Pretty Funny, Though

Brady was probably saddest about fumbling the ball at the end of the game and erasing any hopes of a Patriots win. The internet had no chill.


The Crying Michael Jordan Meme

Another picture of Brady, but this time it's making fun of fans who were hoping the Patriots would pull off another win. If there's any time that New Englanders can sulk and feel justified, it's definitely right after a Super Bowl loss.


Thanking Eli Manning For Beating The Team

Eli Manning made an appearance in the NFL's Super Bowl ad, and it was actually a pretty fun commercial. But it didn't take long for Eagles fans to remind everyone that Manning has a habit of beating the Patriots whenever he appears in a Super Bowl game.


Openly Rejoicing About President Trump's Favorite Team Losing

Last year, President Trump described Brady, team owner Bob Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick as "total winners," and his love for the team dates back to at least 2013. All three men openly support Trump, so it's not exactly shocking that people saw an opportunity to make fun of the president.


Calling Out People Who Gambled — And Lost

According to SB Nation, the Patriots were favored to win the big game, so if you bet against the Eagles, you probably felt confident. But after tonight's nail-biter of a game, anyone who put money on the Patriots probably regretted that decision.


This Clever Tweet From A Meteorologist

What better way to get people interested in weather than to tie it to sports? As of 11 p.m. Sunday, it's still rainy and cold in Boston, which is pretty poetic.


People Who Hate The Patriots Being Super Happy

I quickly noticed a trend on Twitter: Even people who weren't Eagles fans seemed to be excited about the Patriots losing. USA Today named the Patriots the second-least likable team in the NFL, so all of the gleefulness makes sense.

Patriots fans, there's always next year — try not to take it personally if people relish this loss.