These Tom Brady Memes Will Make You Laugh No Matter How You Feel About The Patriots

Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images/@Lyricoldrap/Twitter

The Super Bowl is upon us, and Patriots quarterback and Trump BFF Tom Brady is, of course, making his presence there known. While the Super Bowl's main attraction may be the actual game — and the ads, of course — there is also the fact that Brady's presence is likely to give us a new swath of blistering Tom Brady memes from Super Bowl 2018 to enjoy today and for the rest of eternity.

Brady has already given us one meme this season, when the Patriots lost to the Chiefs by 28 points back in September and Brady's resulting angry-slash-disappointed face stormed the internet in a glorious new wave of memedom. But for the glory of all new Tom Brady memes to shine, we must go back and visit some other Tom Brady memes, which seem to run the gamut from "literally every meme in the world paired with Brady's alleged part in #deflategate" to incomprehensible even to a meme-hardened millennial like me.

Whether we come out of the Super Bowl with quality memes or questionable memes, apparently scathing internet commentary won't be the only thing Brady increases the likelihood of. According to USA Today, if Brady and the Patriots win, there is, for some legitimately statistical reason, a possibility that win could hurt the stock market.

Luckily for us, the meme market is doing just fine. And, from a missed pass early on in the first half to an extra AF outfit leading up to the game, Tom Brady has given us plenty of meme-able material during Super Bowl LII (and leading up to it) to keep the internet happy. Here is a look at some of the most noteworthy Brady memes, both from the Super Bowl and beyond.

Super Bowl But Make It Fashion

Before Super Bowl LII even started, Tom Brady was already making Twitter explode with his over-the-top getup.

But Seriously

People have some *thoughts* about this outfit and honestly, how can you not?

Scream For Avocado

Ugh, SO annoying.

Sad Keanu Reeves Will Always Be The Superior Sad

Oh yes, we can all appreciate this indeed.

Rings For Days

I mean, how else is he supposed to show them all off?

Win Or Lose

Even if Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl again this year, he doesn't *actually* win.


All it took was one missed pass to get the butterfinger memes rolling. You can't be perfect all the time, right?

LITERAL Butterfingers

Make one mistake and the internet will never let you forget it.


It may come as a shock to some, I know.

If Tom Brady Was A Dog...

He would still be a Very Good Boy.

More Dog Memes FTW

It's Twitter trolling at its absolute cutest.

Cry Me A River

After a rocky first half for the Patriots, this tweet was the perfect way to usher in Justin Timberlake's halftime performance.

Mic Drop

General consensus: Tom Brady's first half performance had nothing on Justin Timberlake's halftime performance.

And While We're On The Topic Of Halftime Shows

Let's not forget the time Lady Gaga managed to catch the ball... unlike Tom Brady.

The Patriots Lose

Spoiler alert: The Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 33-41, and the Tom Brady memes instantly started to roll in.

Almost Had It

Victory was close, but not close enough. Tom Brady didn't just miss a pass — he missed a chance to add yet another Super Bowl win to his name.

No matter how you feel about the Patriots (or Tom Brady's political alignment), we can all agree that the man is infinitely meme-able, from Super Bowl 2018 and beyond. May tonight's game live on in infamy — and memes.