Tommy's Working For A Drug Cartel On 'The Catch' & That Means Trouble For Alice

Richard Cartwright/ABC

When Tommy hired Rhys to help him access the $3 million in drug money that happens to be in his bank account, viewers everywhere collectively said, "Well, this is bound to get ugly." It turned out to be an understatement because, as we learned in the March 23 episode "The Dining Hall," Tommy's working for a drug cartel on The Catch and he rebuffs Alice's repeated attempts to protect him. My knowledge about cartels is admittedly limited, but even I knew Tommy would be in major trouble when he failed to pay an associate on time.

Things were bad enough before Alice learned her brother actually worked for the cartel — despite her repeated warnings that the Kincaid killers would come for him next, Tommy and Rhys hacked AVI's system and withdrew all $3 million. For about five seconds Alice declares Tommy's on his own because she can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved — but, her loyalty gets the best of her pretty quickly and she heads off to find him, casually noting that she should go alone because "it's best if there are no witnesses" when she locates Tommy. Copy that. Alice is not someone I would want to mess with, so both Tommy and Rhys are in hot water.

Richard Cartwright/ABC

When Alice locates Tommy, there's a gun in his face from an angry cartel member who's displeased that Tommy showed up to their meeting without the money he'd been promised. After Alice gives him a very detailed explanation of where she'll shoot him if he doesn't back off, Tommy is seemingly safe — but the wrath of Alice is definitely a reason to be afraid. She sets up Tommy's arrest because she's rightfully convinced that prison is actually the safest place for him — but this issue is far from resolved.

In a twist that came as a surprise to no one, Rhys stole Tommy's $3 million and, as Ben tells Alice, the money is the only thing that will save Rhys' life. Unfortunately, it's also the only way to save Tommy's life and neither Alice nor Ben is willing to budge when it comes to the matter of who should get the money. Things get contentious in all relationships, but Alice and Ben really take it to the next level and, when they can't reach an agreement, they pull their guns on each other right before the closing credits roll.

Between the conflict over the $3 million, Ben's suspicion that Alice is being dishonest about Margot, and their habit of casually pulling guns on each other during arguments, I'm starting to get seriously worried about this couple's future. It's not all your fault, Tommy — but you're still on my bad side right now.