Tommy Has A Dangerous Plan On 'The Catch'

by Caitlin Flynn
Nicole Wilder/ABC

In the Season 2 premiere of The Catch, Alice's brother Tommy arrived in town to crash with his older sister indefinitely. Meanwhile, he had stumbled into a small fortune when he realized that three million dollars had mysteriously been deposited into his bank account. When Alice traced the money to a couple Tommy used to petsit for, she traveled to Pasadena and found them murdered in their home. For his part, Tommy seemed pretty nonplussed about the murders and was mostly just miffed that he couldn't keep the money. In the March 16 episode "The Hammer," Alice makes another breakthrough discovery — the money is linked to a drug cartel and her brother could be their next target. She calls to warn him, but he doesn't pick up because Tommy has decided to hire Rhys on The Catch and I predict this is going to end badly in multiple ways.

Alice is unenthused about Ben being involved in Tommy's life, let alone Rhys. When the bored undercover FBI agents surprise her for dinner, she's quick to tell Ben that she doesn't want her younger brother near either of them because he's "very impressionable" and she doesn't trust Ben or Tommy (ouch). Tommy, unfortunately, overhears this exchange but they make amends and Alice offers him a position at AVI — because he's been quite helpful (albeit unintentionally) when it comes to cracking the case of the three million dollars' origin.

Nicole Wilder/ABC

Tommy seems open to the idea, but it turns out he's playing his own sister and once again I have to point out that Alice's professional skills really don't translate to her personal life. (Although, I'm sure she'll be on to Tommy STAT — he's considerably less stealthy than Ben.) As the episode comes to a close, Tommy is with Rhys explaining that he has access to millions and he needs Rhys to help him steal it.

Rhys is, of course, totally on board — so it looks like Tommy will fall off the grid again while he attempts to get his hands on the money. I doubt he'll answer any of Alice's frantic phone calls, but, even if she does get a chance to warn him, Tommy doesn't seem like the type of guy to take the threat of murder seriously. When they inevitably reunite, it's not going to be pretty — there's already a whole lot of tension between these two, and Tommy has indicated he has dirt on Alice's past. Although he appears totally goofy on the surface, Tommy has a slightly sinister side and he's definitely not above lying and breaking the law.

When it comes to any sort of personal relationship, Alice cannot seem to catch a break.