Too Faced's First Skincare Products Need To Be Added To Your Daily Routine, Pronto

by Lauren Sharkey
Too Faced

Too Faced may be best known for its provocatively named makeup collection, but it is hoping that fans will show just as much love for its foray into skincare. Taking years to develop, Too Faced's first skincare range has finally launched. It may be small, consisting of just two products, but boy is it mighty.

The brand has christened the collection the Hangover range. Partly inspired by its pre-existing Hangover Primer (which has been turned into a super-sized version), it boasts an impressive list of ingredients designed to leave you with soft glowing skin and the perfect canvas for makeup.

"Anybody who knows me knows that I'm absolutely obsessed with skincare," Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino previously said on Instagram, reports Allure. "I take very good care of my skin. It's not about being anti-aging, it's about preserving what you’ve got, being the best version of yourself, and living a healthy lifestyle with ingredients that will help support your skin to make you look and feel your best."

It makes sense then that the range is stripped back to just two products: an everyday moisturiser and hydrating serum. The former — officially known as the Good To Go Daily Moisturiser is a lightweight formula that is suitable for all skin tones and includes UV ray-protecting SPF 25. Unfortunately, it is currently only available to buy in the U.S. I have reached out to Too Faced to confirm a UK release date.

However, UK folks can buy the Good In Bed Hydrating Serum. Infused with everything from hyaluronic acid and dragon fruit to vitamin B5 and probiotics, it aims to leave skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. These two products are complemented by the existing Hangover makeup collection which currently encompasses the aforementioned primer and a three-in-one setting spray to prime, set, and refresh.

Elyse Reneau, global pro artist at Too Faced, told Glamour the range will give people everything they have been longing for: "deep hydration and protection without a greasy feel that works perfectly with [their] makeup."

She added: "I think our skincare is so accessible, easy to use, and good for all skin types. Also you’ll never get that weird rolling under your foundation that sometimes happens. This skincare is literally formulated to make your makeup look better."

The Hangover moisturiser in particular is receiving a lot of love — both from Too Faced staff and from beauty lovers. Early reviews of the product have praised its "light coconut scent" and agreed that "a little goes a long way" to keeping skin hydrated all day.

Via Instagram, Blandino labelled it as "the absolute best daytime moisturiser you're ever going to use." He said it took two-and-a-half years to develop the Good To Go Daily product and is based on a moisturiser he had been using for almost a decade. Reneau also praised the moisturiser to Glamour, saying: "It is the most lightweight sunscreen I ever used! It doesn’t leave an ashy cast or feel greasy and it leaves my skin with a beautiful glow."

Customers have also given the serum five-star reviews. "I'm totally shocked and super stoked that this serum delivers what it claims (that never happens), one person wrote. Others have already incorporated the product into their daily skincare regimes, using it both morning and night.

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