Too Faced Is Expanding One Of Its Most Popular Products Into An ENTIRE Line

Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino often uses his personal Instagram as an information hub and platform on which to reveal upcoming products. His #SneakyPeeks are the stuff of legends. His latest advance look is the most extra ever. Too Faced is launching a skin care line, which Blandino revealed via an Instagram story while getting a facial in a hyperbaric chamber. He lamented that he was bored while stuck in the tube for an hour. Therefore, he passed the time by revealing the upcoming Too Faced skin care launch amid the continuous buzz of the chamber.

Here's everything we know thus far.

"I absolutely am obsessed with skin care," Blandino stated in his Insta story. "I take very good care of my skin. It's not about being anti-aging. It's about preserving what you've got and being the best version of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle with incredible ingredients that will help support your skin and make you look and feel your best."

The brand's creative force further shared that he has been developing Too Faced skin care for a few years now. It will be launched under the Hangover line, which currently includes the fan fave Hydrating Skin Primer and the also-beloved 3-in-1 Setting Spray.

Up next? An SPF moisturizer inspired by one that Blandino himself has used for years.

"I am starting with the new SPF moisturizer, based on a moisturizer I've been using for nine years that I would get from a different country," he shared in his "Hyperbaric Chamber Confessions." Am I sensing a new series here? Probably not, but...

That particular product from a different country was becoming harder and harder for Blandino to procure. He took nearly three years to develop "the absolute best daytime moisturizer you're ever going to use." Blandino also described it as "super hydrating yet light" and assured Too Facers that it "works perfectly under makeup and has SPF 25."

He also shared an Instagram post of the moisturizer, called "Good to Go," and expressed that it was formulated to improve your makeup. All. Good. Things.

Blandino did not reveal when and where Too Faced will drop the new Good to Go moisturizer or how much it will cost. He didn't share what other new skin care products will be introduced under the Hangover banner, either. Bustle reached out to Too Faced reps to inquire further.

This line is getting a solid expansion and an extension. The mist is ace because it's infused with coconut water.

It feels like it was merely a matter of time before the brand further branched out into the skin care realm. Too Faced already has a legion of loyalists who love its high quality cosmetics and are expecting the same level of awesome from skin care offerings. You can spend all the cash in the world on your makeup. But it will perform best when you are properly caring for and nourishing the skin over which you will be applying said products. Blandino and Too Faced are giving makeup lovers the tools with which to pamper their skin.

ICYMI: Too Faced is also introducing another product to its Born This Way line. A powder foundation is joining the ever-popular liquid version.