Too Faced's Latest Product Is Called "Glow Job" & People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

Pretty packaging may be some beauty lovers' weakness. For others, nothing matters except the product ingredients. However, some are all about quirky product names — and one of the latest releases from Too Faced has launched a firestorm on the web. The Too Faced Glow Job mask is a sparkly pink spectacle of a product, and fans quickly fell in love with the look of it. From Twitter reactions to its now sold-out status, this may just be the mask of the moment. But that name!

The brand began teasing the Glow Job mask months ago when founder Jerrod Blandino posted a cryptic post to his Instagram account. Blandino showed a black & white video of a model applying a clearly Kira Kira ready product. Following the initial video, fans got a closer view of the yet-to-be-named mask and discovered that it wasn't just glittering, but it was also pink. Score one for glamorous pampering, right? In the same revealing post, Blandino hashtagged the new addition Glow Job, and suddenly, the must-have mask of late 2017 was born.

Glow Job launched and sold out in a single hour, according to Blandino's Instagram. But never fear because the sparkling, peel-off mask infused with real gold is coming back. While the date isn't known yet, you can rest easy knowing that you can get a Glow Job.

Too Faced Glow Job Mask, $42, Too Faced

Since the release and subsequent sell-out, Too Faced fans and critics have taken to social media to express their love or disdain of the brand's new product. Let's just say that emotions run the gamut when it comes to Glow Job.

Some are still in shock that Too Faced actually went there with the name.

Others want the mask just purely for the name. To be honest, who can blame them?

After all, Glow Job is seriously giggle-inducing.

For fans of the brand, the name and its marketing are the entire reason they're Too Faced loyalists.

Unfortunately for some, the mask is officially sold out, and they weren't able to purchase it.

But some were not too pleased about the name — or the price tag.

There were, however, rebuttals to the criticisms of the mask. After all, this is the same brand with a mascara called Better Than Sex.

Because of their similarities, comparisons are being drawn between GlamGlow's Glitter Mask and Glow Job. The GlamGlow Glitter Mask, however, doesn't launch until Dec. 1. So if you do love glitter and weren't able to snag the Too Faced Glow Job, GlamGlow may be for you.

The glitter face mask dilemma does seem to be a major topic of discussion on social media, with many calling out the brands for creating products simply for the Instagram posts and not skin benefits.

Most notably, however, are the criticisms about how the masks aren't environmentally friendly. Neither GlamGlow or Too Faced have information on their websites regarding whether or not the glitter inside their masks are biodegradable.

It is also notable, however, that while Too Faced is cruelty free, GlamGlow is not.

Clearly, there are some things to consider before you reach for Too Faced's Glow Job. But if you're truly curious about what the latest launch from the brand can do, it will be returning. According to Revelist, Glow Job will return as a permanent product in Spring 2018.

While you've clearly got quite the waiting game to play, take heart. There are tons of Instagram-worthy face masks to satisfy your masking cravings in the meantime.