This Soon-To-Be-Released Peel-Off Glitter Mask Will Make You Feel Like A Disco Ball

Glitter is divisive. It's the leggings of makeup — a topic spawning passionate arguments about when and how it's appropriate. Is glitter best reserved for anyone single digits in age? Who can pull off grown-up glitter and how? But who cares — glitter is fun! And Too Faced knows it.

The quirky brand just teased a new glitter face mask on social media, which brand creative guru and co-founder Jerrond Blandino promises is "beyond magical" and "will make your skin glow." Regardless of which school of glitter thought you subscribe to, this "sneaky peak" will leave you entranced.

Blandino backed his words up with short clip of a model smearing what looks like a liquid glitter mask all over her entire face, slightly confusing fans and anyone who views the video about what, exactly, this product is.

While watching, you will ask yourself, "Is it a skincare product? Is it a glitter-flecked cream? A glitter-infused lotion or primer?" It appears to be a peel-off mask, since the model pulls the dried product off at the end of that clip after time elapses.

Still, it's all speculation until Blandino elucidates us further about the nature of this product.

The clip is black and white and that's likely an intentional teaser tactic used to further obscure the color and texture of this product.

Still, Too Facers went wild over this tease and the Internet really wants it... bad.

The formula is quite thick — and that's a lot of glitter.

Here's the peel off, which suggests its a mask. And Too Faced fans are feelin' the tease.

Fans are assuming that it's a glitter face mask, and I have to concur. The end of the video pretty much confirms that, even if we have to be a little cautious without ~official~ word.

Could Too Faced being taking a huge leap into skin care?

The anticipation radiates from the comments field.

One comment sums up all of the feels — we don't know exactly what it is but we want it anyway. Too Faced, after all, has earned that sort of loyalty.

Time to practice patience while we wait for Too Faced to reveal when we can expect this glitter bomb.