Too Faced Fans Think A Unicorn Tears Highlighter Is Coming

Too Faced co-founder and creative force of nature Jerrod Blandino never, ever stops and that includes Sundays. He shares his patented "sneaky peeks" of upcoming products on his personal Instagram on an incredibly frequent basis. His latest tease of what looks like a new Too Faced eyeshadow palette was posted on a Sunday during a holiday weekend. So yeah, Blandino can't stop, won't stop and beauty obsessives reap the benefits of his dedication to his craft. So, what's so cool about this particular sneaky peek? For one, Too Faced loyalists are theorizing a new Unicorn Tears product is happening.

Blandino shared an up close and personal Insta pic of six, small circular pans of eyeshadow that are super pigmented and shimmering. There's a brick brown, an orange, a champagne, a gold, a pink, and a rich green shade.

There's also a larger pan of pale blue. Could that be a highlighter? A base? A transformer of some sort that will intensify or morph the shades in the smaller pans? Many Too Facers think that it's a powder highlighter version of the mega popular Unicorn Tears lip hue.

It could be anything, really. It's all speculation, since Blandino didn't share any specific details. All he did was note that he was toiling away, happily so, on a Sunday.

It also looks a bit artisanal... like the round palettes that painters hold while working on their masterpieces. That pigmentation, though! This could even be a prototype for a holiday palette. Again, as I said, it could be anything. We won't know the exact nature of this product until Blandino blesses us with a further, more informative tease.

Fan reactions are pretty passionate about those pigments.

Here's the most prevalent fan theory, which I am all about — Uni Tears, reimagined as a highlighter. One can only hope she is right.

Lots of beauty mavens think it's a Unicorn Tears highlighter. It's a good guess, for sure.

Here is a more isolated look at the big pan of blue.

Courtesy of Too Faced Cosmetics

I mean, it looks the same shade of blue to my eyes. Here is Uni Tears in lippie form.

Here is the liquid latex version, as well. It appears to be the same hue.

ICYMI: Blandino also teased some of the brand's Holiday 2017 offerings.