Too Faced's Newest Collection Is Called 'Sex On The Peach' & I Have Some Questions

Too Faced/Instagram/MYRA Entertainment

If you thought Too Faced couldn't get more salacious with their product names, then you haven't heard the moniker of their newest collection. The brand just released a set of its most popular products from its Peaches & Cream line, and its calling the collection Sex On The Peach. Yes, that's the same fruit that's become known throughout millennial culture as synonymous with a booty. And yes, it's a play on the racy Sex On The Beach cocktail that makes you blush any time you order it at the bar.

The collection includes products from the Peaches & Cream line which, yes, is scented like the infamous stone fruit. The set includes a tube of Better Than Sex Mascara, Peach Perfect Setting Powder, a mini Primed & Peachy Primer, and the Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray.

Retailed at an $85 value, the set is only $45 on Sephora and on the Too Faced website. It's not a bad deal to say the least, but fans are less than thrilled at the gasp-worthy name that screams "NSFW."

For any Call Me By Your Name lovers, the questionable collection name might bring up memories of a certain saucy scene involving Elio, a peach, and a healthy sexual imagination. Though fans of Too Faced haven’t drawn the parallel on social media, can any Timothée Chalamet fan really think of anything else when faced with a name like Sex On the Peach? Seriously.


While fans of Too Faced might not be stanning Little Timmy Tim enough to draw the connection, they aren’t exactly stanning the Sex On The Peach Collection either. Many are upset with the hyper-sexualized name, saying it is inappropriate for the brand to bring sex into the world of makeup — especially when they are seemingly catering some products toward teens.

Just look at the Life’s A Festival Collection and the Clover Collection for proof of the teen leanings of Too Faced's marketing. While the former is heavy on the unicorns and pretty pastels, while latter is filled with cartoon pups frolicking around. Neither are even remotely NSFW, which is why a name like Sex On The Peach is making beauty lovers clutch their pearls.

After the popular beauty Instagram account @Trendmood1 posted about the collection's release, beauty lovers flooded the comments with criticism about the less-than-wholesome name. And they were ruthless.

One user mentioned how Too Faced isn't alone in this sexy beauty name game. The commenter specifically mentioned Urban Decay, which has the Naked palette line. But lest we forget NARS's best-selling Orgasm Blush or the brand's multi-stick in the color G-Spot. Yikes.

Predictably, there was straight-up confusion by some commenters on why a collection would ever be named Sex On The Beach. But this is Too Faced we are talking about. Boundaries can, and will, be pushed.

Even amongst the rampant critiques, some fans of Too Faced are still excited to get their fave peach-scented products all in one set. Heart eye emojis and peaches fill the comments section on @Trendmood1 and Too Faced's Instagram posts announcing the set's release. So don't count the collection out yet.

Just maybe don't ingest the powder like this Instagram user accidentally did, even if it tastes like peaches. Not recommended by 10 out of 10 doctors, to be honest.

Even with a shocking name, the Sex On The Peach Collection is bound to join the ranks of successful Too Faced products. After all, it is a set of best-sellers at half the price. Elio would be so proud.