Meet The Pixar Series’ Creepiest Villain Yet In This Exclusive ‘Toy Story 4’ Clip

In Toy Story 4, out June 21, Woody (Tom Hanks) and the gang are back to their old tricks. And in this franchise, that usually involves an Odyssey-like adventure outside of the confines of their kid's room. The fourth film takes Woody and Bonnie's new creation Forky (Tony Hale) into territory that's unfamiliar to them, and even a little bit creepy. In the exclusive clip below, they meet new Toy Story character Gabby Gabby, voiced by Christina Hendricks, in her domain: a sprawling, dusty antiques mall. There, the somewhat sinister baby doll tells them, toys don't have kids. It's Woody's worst fear.

Woody already seems to have his hands full with Forky, who hasn't accepted his new identity as a toy. ("I'm trash!" he cheerfully tells Gabby Gabby.) The doll they meet seems friendly enough at first, but as Woody starts telling him his story about searching for Bo Peep (Annie Potts), Gabby Gabby focuses in on the reflection of Woody's back. What's her play here? Is she going to use Woody's pull string to trap him as her hostage for some reason? Things definitely don't look good for the cowboy and his friend, as the clip also introduces one of Gabby Gabby's henchman, a creepy — and silent — ventriloquist dummy named Vincent. Toy Story has a history of pretty dark villains, and this toy seems no different.

The full Toy Story 4 trailer shows Vincent and others turning on Woody and Forky, chasing them around the world of lost toys. Fortunately, it also reveals that Bo finds Woody and Forky and leads them to safety. But she isn't the same shepherdess that you last saw in Toy Story 2. In the first two films, she only has a minor role as Woody's love interest.

In the third sequel to Pixar's first endeavor, Bo Peep doesn't just serve as an ancillary character. She's a driving force in Toy Story 4, introducing Woody to a whole new world as a kid-less, independent toy. Gabby Gabby explains to Woody that none of the toys in the antiques shop have kids to serve, but she seems to want to take advantage of Woody's devotion to Bonnie, perhaps to use him as some sort of servant to her. Bo Peep, on the other hand, wants to liberate Woody to become an autonomous toy like she is.

In an interview with Mashable, Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley explained that fear plays a big part in the new movie, which the Gabby Gabby scene above demonstrates. "Bo is the thing Woody has always been terrified of — a lost toy!" Cooley said. "If he just met any toy on the outside, he'd be like 'Well, I don't want to deal with that.' But now it's, like, the closest person to him. So that was really exciting to play with."

Whether Woody will go off with Bo to live as a lost toy is still to be determined. He'll have to escape this movie's villain, Gabby Gabby, to have the chance to even make that decision.