Disney World’s Toy Story Land Opens This Summer & It Is A ‘90s Kid PARADISE


Kids of the '90s (and Disneyheads, and Tom Hanks stans) assemble! US-based fans of the first ever feature-length, computer-animated film released (and Pixar's first) will finally be able to shrink to the size of iconic characters Woody and Buzz after the opening of Toy Story Land at Disney World this upcoming summer. The highly anticipated addition to the theme park has an official opening date, so you can go ahead and start booking your flights: June 30, 2018 is the day that all of your childhood dreams come true.

On top of the opening date being released, Disney released a Facebook video on its official page giving people a sneak peek of what's to come. In it, viewers can see a rollercoaster — specifically, the Slinky Dog Dash featured in Disney's website — which has a gleeful oversized Jesse and Rex, surrounded by toy blocks. The ride itself is based around everyone's fave sentient dog, the eponymous Slinky.

Even though this is the only ride we've gotten video sneak peek of, it's far from the only rides this addition will have to offer. According to Disney's website, Toy Story Land will also feature a ride called Alien Swirling Saucers, where attendees can be spun around like on a traditional teacup ride, and might get lucky enough to be chosen by *alien voice* THE CLAW. It will also be home to a 4D arcade dubbed "Toy Story Mania!", in which visitors will be able to explore Andy's room, and quite possibly start healing the literal open wound that is the end of Toy Story 3 by pretending it never happened. (Worth a shot, at least.) And once you thoroughly exhaust yourself by living out all of your childhood fantasies, you'll be able to head to Woody's Lunch Box, the dining area of Toy Story Land in the form of a walk-up window set to look like a backyard (please, for the love of Bo Peep, do not let it be Sid's). These and many more additions will be located within the Hollywood Studios section of the Florida theme park.

Without any further ado, here's the video that sent every Disney fan scrambling for their wallets to book travel tickets today:

Though it may come as a bit of a surprise that Walt Disney World has decided to add attractions based on a film that is over twenty years old (the original Toy Story was released in 1995!) this is actually not the first time Toy Story has served as a basis for attractions at Disney—just the first time in this country. In fact, different but similar Toy Story-themed lands already exist at the park's Paris and Hong Kong locations, so this one is in good company.

The past year or so has been a booming time for Disney Parks. Along with plans to open their first brewery at Disney Land, the California location, more and more details about (and photos of ) the long-awaited Star Wars themed park are being released with the passing weeks. It seems that while Disney will always be the "Happiest Place On Earth," they've been making quite a commitment to making sure that not only the kids are happy, but the grownups are still living their best lives, too. (And pets — in case you missed it, last year, Disney World announced plans to let dogs stay in certain resorts on the premises, starting October 2017. DISNEY EARS FOR EVERYONE!)

Regardless of what variety of '90s nostalgia floats your boat, it looks like Disney has something in store for you ... and if you're not hyped about all of this, I'll just have to quote our dear friend Buzz Lightyear: "You are a sad, strange little man and you have my pity."