Tracy Morgan Is Attending The Kentucky Derby For This Touching Reason

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For most celebrities who attend the Kentucky Derby, the event seems to be the go-to place to see and be seen while attending lavish parties, watching "the most exciting two-minutes in sports," and showing off their impressive hats. For actor Tracy Morgan attending the Kentucky Derby in 2017 is about so much more than that. This is the actor's first year at the race, and according to People, Morgan is there to check the sporting event off his bucket list.

In June 2014, a tragic car accident left Morgan in a coma for eight days, and took the life of his friend James McNair. It was a devastating time for Morgan, and the comedian had a long road to recovery. Since the accident, Morgan has doubled down on his commitment to living life to the fullest. In an interview on the red carpet of the Barnstable Brown Derby Eve Gala, Morgan revealed he has always wanted to attend the Kentucky Derby both for himself and in honor of his father, who Morgan said always talked about the event. In a interview, he said,

"I want to do all the things I wanted to do now that I survived that accident. And I’ve always wanted to do the Kentucky Derby.”

Morgan truly is in inspiration. Not only has he made a remarkable recovery, but he came out of his accident with a renewed desire to not put off doing the things he always dreamed of doing. And make no mistake, Morgan is doing the Derby right.

Not only did Morgan arrive at the Barnstable Brown Derby Eve Gala wearing a stunning suit jacket perfect for the evening, he was quick to joke in the video interview about his pick for the winning horse (Secretariat). The actor apparently seemed excited to finally make it to Louisville for the Derby, but he was clear much of his excitement has to do with the event itself.

As People reported, Morgan spoke about the astounding athleticism of the horses and spoke fondly of former Derby winner Barbaro, a favorite of both the actor and his wife, Megan Wollover. "We loved him. I'm doing this one for Barbaro. I love you and miss you."

May Morgan's first Derby be all he hoped it would be — and much more.