Trader Joe's Just Launched Its Own Instant Ramen With Broth That Will Make Your Mouth Water
Trader Joe's

From delectable sweets, savory snacks, cheap wine, and hearty meals, there is literally nothing NOT to love about Trader Joe's (especially the frozen section, because convenience is key). My favorite part about Trader Joe's is, without a doubt, the easy-to-prepare items and meals they offer —  from frozen gnocchi to delicious chicken. But now, Trader Joe's is changing the game forever with their newest product: Trader Joe's instant ramen.

As of now, the ramen soups are available in Chicken and Miso — but perhaps other flavors could soon be making their way into our grocery carts, if these end up being a hit. According to Trader Joe's website, the one component that sets these ramen soups apart from others is the packet of blended sesame and sunflower oil. "By adding both the packet of seasonings and the packet of oil to your cup of dry noodles before preparation, you ensure not only a delightfully savory broth, but a silky-smooth texture for your noodles — the days of dry-textured instant noodles are over," the Trader Joe's website wrote.

But perhaps the best part of these brand-new soups is that they cost $1.29, which means that, just like in college, you can use ramen as a band-aid to keep your bank account from weeping.

Courtesy Trader Joe's

The ramen soups aren't the only new and convenient product available at TJ's. For those of us who are on-the-go, lazy, and/or hate spending time cooking and preparing food, you're in luck. Here are some other items you can grab at TJ's for on-the-go munching (and sipping) without sacrificing deliciousness or quality.

Organic Hemp Seed Bars

Courtesy Trader Joe's

Hemp seeds are healthy and delicious — so you no longer need to sacrifice one for the other. These ready-to-eat snack bars are packed with almonds, cashews, crisped brown rice, gluten free rolled oats, wild blueberries, currants, and of course, the hemp seeds. These bars will get you through your 3 P.M. slump at the office, and will even give you energy to get you to your work happy hour event.

Cold Brew Coffee Bags

Courtesy Trader Joe's

Ever wanted to enjoy a cup of refreshing cold brew without worrying about all the acidity? TJ's cold brew coffee bags offer all the fun of cold brew sans the acidity —  they're 50 percent less acidic than hot water-brewed coffee. Just think of the coffee bags as tea bags... but with coffee. Pretty simple, right?! It's also easy to prepare: just put the bags in the fridge, and 8 to 12 hours later, your cold brew is ready!

Berry Flavored Soft Licorice Twists

Courtesy Trader Joe's

Unleash your inner child at heart and indulge in these ~berry yummy~ flavored licorice twists (sorry, not sorry!). The licorice is imported from New Zealand and mixed with a natural berry extract, and colored with black carrot and blue corn extracts ... which means it's fancy as heck. So, treat yourself to a perfectly good afternoon pick-me-up and enjoy a couple of handfuls of these yummy candies.

Dark Chocolate Toasted Sesame Caramels

Courtesy Trader Joe's

If you prefer something more sweet and consider yourself a chocoholic, TJ's has the perfect treat for you: the Dark Chocolate Toasted Sesame Caramels. The caramel mixed with the nutty taste of the sesame seed leaves for the perfect combination of sweet and savory, so eat up!

Spicy Cheese Crunchies

Courtesy Trader Joe's

I am addicted to these Spicy Cheese Crunchies, and I think I may be in love with them. Plus, this heavenly snack is gluten-free for anyone who has dietary restrictions. The crunchies are made with real cheese and spices, so trust me — they're worth the orange dust all over your hands.

There you have it — TJ's is the absolute champion when it comes to creating delicious, convenient, on-the-go-snacking (and I think I want to marry all of these goodies). Eat up, folks!