'Trading Spaces' Is Coming Back To TLC

Chad Buchanan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that some of my favorite television shows from years past are coming back for a second shot at the small screen. On Monday, the Discovery Channel announced that Cash Cab, the reality game show set in New York in which random cab riders are given a chance to win money on the way to their destinations, will return to TV. Now, just one day later, Discovery's sister channel, TLC, has an announcement of its own: Almost ten years after its final episode aired, Trading Spaces is officially making its return to television. During a presentation at Discovery Communications Upfront the network's president and general manager, Nancy Daniels, broke the news to a group of reporters.

"This is a big one," Daniels said before the reveal. "I am excited to announce that TLC's most successful and most iconic series, Trading Spaces, is coming back."

Trading Spaces is known for putting the home design show trend in motion, serving as a starting point in the television careers of Extreme Makeover's Ty Pennington and Dear Genevieve's Genevieve Gorder. In each episode of the show, which went off the air in 2008, two sets of neighbors were given the task of redecorating one room in each other's home with a budget of $2,000, and a time frame of three days.

Not much additional information was provided during Daniels' reveal, but with the revival of Trading Spaces, Cash Cab, and the recently announced MythBusters, it looks like we may have a few more reboots to look forward to in the next few years.

"TLC is back into home and property with Nate & Jeremiah By Design, our new show helping distressed homeowners turn disasters into dream homes." Daniels continued. "We are thrilled to expand in this space, and what better way to do that than to bring back Trading Spaces, the series that put property on the map."

Trading Spaces is set to return in 2018, and I for one cannot wait.