Transcript Of James Comey's Opening Remarks Offers A Brand New Perspective

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey's opening remarks to the Senate intelligence committee differed from his planned remarks that were originally released on Wednesday.

Rather than reading his planned remarks to the committee, which many had already read and he didn't think needed repeated, Comey decided to go into a few things that he did not address. He focused on the confusion surrounding his firing, including the way his firing was handled afterward by President Donald Trump's administration. He also used the opportunity to say goodbye to his coworkers at the FBI, saying he didn't get the chance to do so because of the abruptness of the situation.

Comey addressed the Senate intelligence committee:

It's interesting to hear Comey accuse the Trump administration of trying to defame the FBI and himself after the firing. It's also interesting to note Comey's initial confusion over his firing, because, as he expressed, Trump had praised his work and so had others, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In Comey's prepared remarks, which were released on Wednesday, he accused Trump of asking for Comey's loyalty, as well as asking Comey to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn. It detailed various meetings with Trump, and also a request from Comey that Sessions not leave him alone with Trump.

With so much happening at the beginning of Comey's testimony alone, there's sure to be a lot revealed throughout the day.