Transcript Of Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard Commencement Speech Champions Equal Opportunity

Mark Zuckerberg may not have completed his degree at Harvard, but on Thursday, the Facebook CEO was awarded an honorary doctorate from the prestigious institution for, you know, creating a billion-dollar company and revolutionizing the way people around the world connect. During his commencement address, Zuckerberg encouraged graduates to find their purpose, and got emotional while discussing the importance of immigration reform. The transcript of Zuckerberg's Harvard commencement speech is politically charged, challenging many of President Trump's controversial policies and describing Zuckerberg's vision for a society that creates equal opportunities for everyone.

Although the Facebook CEO has denied, on numerous occasions, that he plans to run for public office, Zuckerberg's speech almost reads like a political platform. Zuckerberg, who has spent the past few months traveling across the country to gain a broader understanding of the challenges everyday Americans face, discussed the importance of creating economic equality so that all citizens can pursue their passions.

Zuckerberg discussed many of the issues that threaten working class Americans, like automation, education inequality, and immigration reform — an issue that he feels particularly strongly about. He held back tears as he told the story of a young student he mentors, who was afraid to apply for college because he is undocumented.

"It says something about our current situation that I can't even say his name because I don't want to put him at risk," Zuckerberg said, referring to President Trump's threats to conduct mass deportation raids and take federal funding from sanctuary cities.

You can read the full transcript of Zuckerberg's speech below.

Whether or not Zuckerberg decides to run for office in 2020, his commencement address offered an inspiring vision for how the billionaire plans to work towards providing equal opportunities for all Americans and "modernizing democracy" through technology.