'Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart' Star Trevor Addressed *Those* Cheating Allegations

Trevor Holmes addresses cheating allegations on Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.
John Fleenor/ABC

Trevor Holmes may have nabbed a coveted rose from Jamie during last week's first elimination ceremony, but the singer-songwriter is about to find himself in hot water this week when a new contestant enters the scene and starts sharing some secrets about his past. However, prior to Monday night's Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart episode, Trevor is addressing those cheating allegations and sharing what it was like to be confronted about such serious claims in front of the cameras.

As shown in the latest promo, this week, series newcomer Natascha joins the competition and confronts Trevor about a past relationship he had with one of her close friends, calling him a cheater. "I was kind of blindsided by this whole thing," Trevor explained to Entertainment Tonight about the situation, which will come to a head this week. "I didn't know who she was until she sat me down and told me. It's not something that I think anyone is prepared for or can expect. But it's life."

As for the validity of the claim, an exclusive clip provided by ET shows Trevor admitting to cheating on Natascha's friend emotionally. "She told me that you lied to her and that you cheated on her," Natascha is shown saying in the clip. "Is it not what happened? The lying and the cheating — did that happen?" Trevor initially seems to deny any wrongdoing on his part; however, he does eventually cop up to sharing an emotional connection with someone else while still dating his ex-girlfriend. "OK, we don't have to get into the minor details," Trevor says in the video. "I told you that yes, there was some emotional cheating." This echoes similar sentiments he expresses in one of the many Listen To Your Heart previews.

Obviously, seeing your dirty laundry air on national television isn't something that Trevor had hoped for when joining the show, but he's taking the whole ordeal in stride and seems to have very little regrets overall with how his story goes. "It is [a big deal], but just like any other part of life, you can't control things that have happened," he shared to ET. "All you can control is how you react. I think I was nothing but myself on this show." He added, "I'm proud of my journey that I've had on this show."

Given Jamie's reaction to this cheating scandal throughout the various promos, it appears she doesn't share his overly optimistic view, at least not at first, especially since she claims to have been cheated on in every relationship she's ever been in. Can this new relationship overcome such a rocky start? Fans will find out soon enough.