You'll Want To Retweet What Trump Said In 2014 About "Incompetent Leaders"

by Joseph D. Lyons
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Since taking office, nearly all of President Donald Trump's policies have been arguably abysmal. The only thing keeping the United States somewhat on the right track has been his administration's inability to see them through. Both his travel bans have been blocked by the courts, the GOP health care bill he endorsed was dead on arrival, and his foreign policy is now largely what he opposed during the campaign. Ironically, the best commentary on his presidency comes from himself. A 2014 tweet from Trump about incompetent leaders describes him so perfectly today that it requires a retweet.

Now, I'm not usually in the business of retweeting President Trump, but this one was too good to pass up. Here's what he tweeted:

If you read my last number of tweets, only one opinion can be formed — that our President, and therefore "leader," is grossly incompetent!

Trump wrote that in August 2014. He was referring to tweets about the American response to the Ebola outbreak, Obamacare, and more controversial issues at the time that he used to attack President Obama. We could refute those, but it's even better to take a look at his current tweets to prove the point — they don't inspire much confidence in the administration.

The only tweets he has sent recently that don't make you shudder with the horror of his presidency are about Easter. "Happy Easter to everyone!" Trump wrote on Sunday.

Interestingly, he didn't celebrate the holiday at church, and the Easter Egg Roll that normally marks the occasion at the White House was reportedly poorly organized.

Trump retweeted @FLOTUS' message about "looking forward to hosting the annual Easter Egg Roll," but media reports hinted at a different feeling in the White House.

The Guardian reported that Trump's staff were "way behind schedule," and worried about becoming the next prominent example of administration mismanagement. The invites went out late, people didn't get their confirmations until the end of March, and the White House didn't even know to order the commemorative Easter eggs until they got a very public reminder on Twitter.

The Hill reported that Trump also held a private Easter brunch at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida resort where many of Trump's important dealings take place. Members of the president's family showed up to join him on his latest weekend getaway.

The White House's Easter celebration, however, was a timely distraction from the other issues that Trump has been tweeting about lately: foreign policy, the Kansas congressional seat special election, military expansion, tax returns, and the electoral college.

Because, as Trump wrote, reading his tweets makes clear that "only one opinion can be formed — that our President, and therefore 'leader,' is grossly incompetent!"