'BiP' Fans Have A LOT Of Mixed Feelings About Caelynn Picking Dean

Dean (and his mustache) may have left Bachelor in Paradise, but after realizing he did, in fact, want to be in a relationship with her, he returned (sans facial hair) to proclaim his feelings. Caelynn was initially conflicted, but she eventually decided to give him a second chance, and fans have a lot of opinions. There are a lot of tweets about Caelynn picking Dean on BiP, and let's just say Bachelor Nation has mixed feelings.

Up until this point, it seemed like Caelynn and Connor were a totally solid couple. She'd thought she'd put Dean behind her, and was already looking forward to continuing her relationship with Connor after Paradise; he was definitely on the same page. But apparently, all it took was Dean showing up and telling her everything she wanted to hear for her to change her mind about everything.

Even though it was obviously a difficult decision for her, ultimately, Caelynn chose Dean — much to Connor's dismay — and opted to leave the show with him instead of finding out where her relationship with Connor could go. She was even convinced that road-tripping in Dean's van was a good idea, which means she must really be into him. Clearly, she made the right choice for herself, but a lot of viewers disagreed.

Some people think that Caelynn is about to get hurt again, because let's face it — Dean did break her heart the first time... and he did it on her birthday.

Others aren't convinced that Caelynn is going to like the van lifestyle, which was one of Dean's original concerns. She seems like the kind of person who likes sleeping somewhere that isn't a car — and who can blame her for that? Still, here's hoping she can adjust.

Some felt that Caelynn was straight up ignoring the red flags that Dean had been putting up because of the feelings she had for him:

But that she was probably bummed that she had to leave the show to do it:

However, the lack of mustache made Dean's offer one she could not refuse:

Others were focused on how Connor must be feeling about all of this, because honestly, it looked like he was seriously struggling watching Caelynn choose to walk away with someone else.

Hopefully, Connor will be able to move on and live happily ever after when this is all behind him, even if he doesn't end up finding what he's looking for in Paradise.

And although most people couldn't understand Caelynn's choice, there was the rare tweet rooting for her and Dean, too.

Only time will tell if things actually work out between Caelynn and Dean, but it seems like Bachelor fans don't have high expectations for them long-term. Who knows? Maybe they'll prove everyone wrong. It wouldn't be the first time it happened in this franchise.

For now, at least they're both happy — and in the end, that's what really matters.