Almost EVERYONE Had Something To Say About Colton's 'Bachelor' Finale Hair Look


A lot was happening on the first part of this week's Bachelor finale: the aftermath of Colton Underwood's fence jump, his breakups with Tayshia and Hannah G., the list goes on and on. But what really got people talking? Colton's hair. There were so many tweets about Colton's hair on the Bachelor finale on Monday night because he chose to change up his 'do just in time for his live finale, and apparently, it was such a big deal that people just couldn't stop talking about it.

Colton's first appearance was when he sat down to talk with Tayshia, getting their final one-on-one chat in after their on screen breakup. By the time he was saying his goodbyes to Hannah G. on stage, people on social media had officially noticed that he was sporting a new look, and later on in the show, Bach alum were there to weigh in on the way Colton's finale was playing out, and former Bachelor star Ben Higgins couldn't help but point out how he'd changed his locks. When Chris Harrison asked if they had touched base with their friend backstage, Ben said, "I walked by him back there. I had to close my eyes because he was about to poke my eye out. It sticks out real far there." Har, har, Ben.

He wasn't the only one who noticed, though — and Twitter did not hold back when it came to talking about Colton's hair.

A lot of people noticed the haircut right off the bat, and many of them weren't too impressed. Actually, the right word might be "confused," because Colton just showed up with a brand new haircut and acted like everything was normal without explaining himself.

Others pointed out that it looks suspiciously like Cassie's dad's haircut, which is a good point. Maybe that was his game plan to getting his approval?

And it looked a lot like that fence that Colton jumped earlier in this episode, which may have also been the inspiration for his new cut. Clearly, the fence was important to him. Why not bring it into his personal style and every day life?

And just in case neither of those things are where Colton got the idea for his haircut, it may have been Chris Soules, a fellow former Bachelor.

One fan with a keen eye noticed that Colton's hair may have actually been restyled during a break in the live finale — could this have happened after he almost poked Ben's eye out? Maybe the hair was deemed a safety hazard and had to be changed.

Colton's new hairstyle notwithstanding, there's one episode of The Bachelor left before we finally find out if Colton and Cassie find their way back to each other... or if he'll be ending this season alone. But hey, if he does end up single when all of this is over, at least he has a killer new haircut to keep him company. It's a small consolation, but at least it's something?