Fans Loved Bryan & Peter On Last Night's 'Bach'

ABC/Paul Hebert

Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette seriously heated up, and I'm not just talking about the hot tub Rachel and Peter were in — although that scene will be pretty tough to get over. During the episode, Rachel really made some deeper connections with some of the guys. Well, two of the guys. This episode made it clear that no one else matters because Peter and Bryan are the ones to watch. And fans of the show wrote some on point tweets about Bryan and Peter's takeover of episode five.

Sure, some other things happened — like the beginning of Lee and Kenny's awful two-on-one date — but looking at the end game, it's all about Rachel and Peter... or Bryan. Fans were pretty divided about which one is "the one" for Rachel, but most everyone recognized that the other guys are just wasting their time. Peter and Bryan are varsity players and the rest of the contestants are just sitting on the bench for the JV team. There's nothing wrong with (most of) the other guys in general, but when it comes to Rachel, at this point it seems like she only has eyes for these two.

It's always perplexing to watch the lead of this show develop feelings for more than one person, but with Peter and Bryan, it makes total sense. The chemistry is so fire with both of these pairings. Bryan and Rachel took their constant making out all the way to Norway for their solo date. And there was also a group date that was pretty standard until Rachel and Peter ditched everyone for some private hot tub time. Hot tub on the group date? Wow.

It is very clear that Bryan and Peter are the frontrunners at this point. Rachel is really feeling them, and the fandom had a lot to say about their interactions with Rachel.

1. When Bryan Claimed To Be Unattractive In High School

Poor Bryan.

2. When Bryan & Rachel Continued Making Out

Maybe they had some deep conversations that were cut out of the episode?

3. When Bryan Wasn't Peter

Bryan is great... but then there's Peter.

4. When Rachel Kept Describing Bryan As "Too Good To Be True"

Is he really too good to be true?

5. When Bryan Touched Rachel's Hair While Making Out

It's never alright to mess up a woman's hair. Ever.

6. When Peter & Bryan Made Everyone Swoon

Why is anyone else on this show?

7. When Bryan Admitted He Was Falling In Love

Do they ever talk? Just wondering.

8. When Bryan Opened Up During His Solo Date

Tough times.

9. When Peter Stopped Kissing To Talk With Rachel

He also smartly noted that this show doesn't give them a ton of time to get to know each other. Until...

10. When Rachel Suggested The Hot Tub

Fair enough.

11. When Rachel & Peter Returned To The Group Date

Such a good question, though.

12. When Peter Didn't Get The Group Rose

No offense to Will, but this made zero sense.

13. When Everyone Else On This Show Just Doesn't Matter

Bryan and Peter are the only ones with a shot at that final rose.

No offense to all of the other guys remaining, but it's essentially a two man race to win Rachel's heart. She might as well send everyone home right now. There are plenty of people who wouldn't mind watching Rachel date Bryan and Peter for the next few weeks.